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shas'o r'myr
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Default shas'o r'myr

I just have some questions about shas'o r'my the battle suit commander from forge world. First of all I was just wandering what sept if he from? Second I was wandering what you guys think of him rules wise? And thirdly I was wandering if there are rules in the taros campaign book form forge world or the experimental rules for him are there only ones?
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Default Re: shas'o r'myr

I just commented on this (Kinda) in another posting. :P

But I think he's worth it. A bit expensive, yes, but his equipment helps out a lot. So he's 160 points, that's about what I'd normally spend on a Shas'o. Though he does still have to pick at least one drone to accompany him, but that's not a big deal: Give him a Shield Drone or two to help his survivability or give him a Gun Drone to help with his fire power.

He's not great in close combat (Tau shouldn't be in it any way), but he's survivable. His Flechette discharger makes for an immediate advantage, though it can only be used once each game, and if only one model assaults, well then it's spent... But that's still a wound to each model caused on a 4+ regardless of toughness (Saves allowed, of course). Not that appealing against things like Guard (As you'll be wounding on 2+ if you hit, and strike at the same time), but against T5 or greater creatures, it's a real help. His Shield generator also helps with his survivability in Close Combat. That 3 up no matter is wonderful.

He's good at shooting, too. Given the stats of a regular Shas'o, he's bound to hit often with his Double barrelled Plasma rifle. Assault (X) instead of Rapid fire means you're always going to get more shots and keep a safer distance from assaulting units. Arm his body guards with Plasma rifles and Missile pods and you have a pretty good slot for killing most light/medium armour and MEQ.

As far as the rules to pick from: Yes, he only has the two (IAV3 and the Experimental Rules). If you were to pick, I think there'd be no choice. The Experimental Rules makes him a little better as a Special character instead of some guy with a cool gun and armour. Though, as with most Forge World items, you should probably ask about using it before plopping it down on the table and be clear as to which set of rules you are using (Make sure you have them on hand, too!).

Well any way, I hope that helps! Have fun.
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Default Re: shas'o r'myr

i would think the experimental, being most recent, over rules the IA3 rules
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Default Re: shas'o r'myr

Thanks guys for the help. Theres just the one question that hasn't been answered. Does anyone know which Sept he is from.
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Default Re: shas'o r'myr

Since his name is Shas'O'Ar'tol'R'myr...then heMs from the Ar'tol Sept.
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Default Re: shas'o r'myr

Ar'tol is Tau for "high command", if memory and genmotty's xenolexicon serve me correctly...
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Default Re: shas'o r'myr

IMO, Shas'o R'myr isn't that good. I feel that he's no better that a Shas'o, except that he's got a nice plasma rifle. For the same points, I could outdo him with a Shas'o. I wouldn't get him, but that's only my two cents.
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