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BatRep; Tau vs Salamanders/Inquis 1500pts
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Default BatRep; Tau vs Salamanders/Inquis 1500pts

My List.
RíMyr w 2GD 180
Shasíel 110
FW*6 (5R,1C) 85
FW*6 (5R,1C) 85
FW*7 (7C) 93
FW*7 (7C) 93
Kroot*12 108
Crisis 62
Crisis 62
Crisis 62
Pth*6 193
Pth*6 193
Snipers 80
BS 100
Advanced stabilisation, Leader, HWDC, 1 SD

His list (as inferred/seen{is it even legal?} and accepted by me)
Chapter Commander (Power sword) w retinue (Apoth, melta, plasma, champion, banner)
5 Scouts Sniper & missile
10 Tactical marines w flamer, hv bolter
6 Terminators
Assault squad (Could have been vanguard)
Predator Destructor w bolter sponsons & pintle storm bolter.
Dread w multimelta
Inquisitor Lord, inferno pistol & force weapon.
Bolter Razorback containing 6 Stormtroopers.
Vindicare Assassin

Firstly, my opponent did not know his rules or army, nor did he seem to want to, so this is a bit of a whitewash, but as it is my first battle under 5th ed, I thought Iíd write it up anyway.

Mission was ĎKill everythingí/Spearhead.

The terrain set up by my opponent before I arrived. There were 3 hills and one large & one small area of marsh. He won the dice off and chose the top right sector, as I looked at the table. His deployment area contained a large hill. The area to the top left contained a single hill, and my deployment area was bordered by a small hill on the upper left and the marsh to my right. It was agreed that the marsh did not block line of sight but would provide cover for units in it. Hills in defiance of TLoS would block LoS to anything on the other side. (His choice)

His deployment.
Predator and Razorback were in the centre facing me, his TacSqd on top of the hill with the Inquisitor, the Commander & Retinue were hiding behind it. The Vindicare deployed on the very crest of the hill behind the TacSqd. The Dread was also deployed on the hill. Scouts infiltrated behind the hill on the far left hand side. The Assault Marines and Termies were held in reserve to DS.

My Deployment.
This was quite symmetrical. Snipers in the centre and too the fore, flanked on either side by my two rifle squads. To the outside on them were my Pathfinders. Carbine squads were behind the rifle squads ready to be picked up by the DF on the first turn. Two XV8s were deployed to my right behind the large marsh to advance on the right flank. My 81 was deployed to my left to engage the scouts behind the hill with the SMS and AFB. The 88 was placed behind the snipers. RíMyr was to DS along with the other Monat and the Kroot were to outflank.

During my scout move, the DFs moved to meet the Carbine squads, and the Right hand Pathfinders moved deeper into the marsh.

Turn one.
Move; The Pred and Razor advanced toward my line, and the TacSqd had to move off the hill as they were not in range.
Firing; Pred attempts to shoot at the snipers but canít spot them, the Razor fired at the Pathfinder in the marsh killing two. (They hold their ground) He attempts to shoot with the scouts forgetting that the hill blocked LoS (at his insistence.)

Movement; Both DFs load carbine squads and start to move round the flanks on both sides. The two Monats also move round on the right. XV81 advances on the left bringing his SMS into range of the scouts. My 88 shuffles to the right trying to open up a clear line of fire to the Predator before realising that the intervening units will not grant a cover save to a vehicle.
Firing; Both Monats shoot at the Razor missing with all four missiles. The right hand{RH} rifle squad also opens fire at the Razor, missing with the ML and but shaking the crew with rifle fire. The left hand{LH} rifle squad opens fire, hitting the Predator with the ML, the rifles are out of range of anything. The LH Pathfinders fire, hitting the Pred with 1ML and hitting the Razor with two rifles, which penetrate and wreck it. 6 Stormtroopers bale out, passing their pinning test. The Snipers then open fire, killing one STr and pins them. The 88, using the two MLs, hits the Pred and blows it up. XV81 fires his SMS at the scouts killing two.

Turn 2
Rolling for reserves he gains nothing.
Movement; He only moves the Dreadí off the hill, rather than picking a definite target he moves towards my line with no firm aim. He does not move the scouts, despite reminding (and again tries to shoot in the shooting phase!).
Firing; The Vindicare shoots at the RH DF but only rolls 11 on the AP. The heavy bolter kills another two Pathfinders and the rest retreat from the battlefield.

Photos taken before my turn

My turn.
RíMyr becomes available from reserve. Kroot and the last Monat donít appear.
Movement; LH DF moves toward the blind spot behind the two destroyed SM vehicles, the other continues to flank, along with the other two Monats. The 88 shuffles to gain LoS to the Dread.
Firing; Between the Monats, snipers and RH rifles, the STs are wiped out. The XV81 (using the SMS and AFB) along with RíMyr/GDs wipe out the scouts.

Turn 3.
Both the assault marines and Termies appear from reserve this turn.
Movement; The DS marines scatter and land on the LH Pathfinders, and are subsequently killed on the mishap table. Termies DS on the far right hand corner. Firing; Only the Termies are in range who then kill the closest Monat.

My turn.
Both the kroot and Monat appear from reserve.
Movement; The Monat DSs on the hill beside the Vindicare, but due to the Pathfinders DF he rerolls his scatter and lands safely 5Ē away. The Kroot outflank appear behind his command squad. The RH DF disembarks the carbine squad and moves away from the Termies. The carbine squad then moves away from where they were left. The remaining RH Monat moved towards the Termies. The rest of my forces then started to move towards the SM lines, as with the exception of the 88 they are out of range. My other DF reaches the blind area behind the wrecks safely. Firing; First the DS Monat kills the Vindicare, and between 9 carbine shots. 2 plasma, 2 missiles, and 1 burst cannon, I kill manage to three termies. The Inquisitor takes an 88 shot, but makes his cover save as I was firing through the TacSqd.
Assault; The Kroot charge the command squad. For the loss of one hound, I kill the Apoth, Banner, and two other SMs leaving the champion and commander. Needless to say, they hold.

Turn 4.
Movement; The Inquisitor moves to assault the kroot, Termies moves to assault the RH DF.
Shooting; The TacSqd shoot and kill the Monat on the hill.
Assault; The inquisitor assaults the Kroot and the Termies assault the RH DF but miss. The Kroot lose the assault after the imperial forces save every wound inflicted and they flee the field.

My turn, & turns 5&6 pretty much follow on, with the rest of my forces moving up to engage what was left. The Termies were wiped out in turn 4 shooting and the Inquisitor was killed by an 88 shot.

Tau victory

Tau 9 SM 4
Razorback Pathfinders
Predator Monat
Stormtroopers Monat
Scouts Kroot
Assault Marines

I canít really draw any, as I said my opponent didnít know his rules and, tbh, he didnít put up much of a fight. The preponderance of pinning weapons in my army didnít affect the game, as he only failed two tests out of about seven unsaved wounds.* My redeployment took ages as I suddenly found myself without targets after wiping out his mobile troops. I have only now, as I type, remembered about running!

Wound allocation, it was a pain allocating wounds when my kroot assaulted with 42 attacks. But we found that we forgot when allocating shooting.

I think the exchange of KP Monat/Vindicare was a sensible choice. Pointswise it was in my favour, and in sheer annoyance factor I won out.

* I think that this might be a fair reflection on the one wound=one test interpretation. Otherwise you might as well forget taking any form of pinning weapon against high leadership troops. You are more likely to force troops to halt with a torrent of fire, rather than one single shot. Perhaps a better rule might be a ld modifier rather than multiple tests. Eg 3 wounds = ld at -2



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