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Battle Report- Tau vs SM 2000
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Default Battle Report- Tau vs SM 2000

My first 40k battle was huge fun! I used a proxy Tau army against my friend's new drop pod Marines. Army lists were (roughly):

Cyclic Ion Blaster
Burst Cannon
Shield Generator
HW Multi-tracker


Crisis Suits x3
Twin linked Plasma rifles

Firewarrior x8 x4

Hammerhead x2
Burst Cannons

Pathfinder x6

Stealth team x5 x2

Broadside x3

Kroot carnivore squad
14 Kroot
6 Hounds


Celgar (?)

Land Raider x2

Tactical Squad x3
10 Marines per
3x Drop pods with Beacons

Assault squad x10

Vanguard Veterans x10


I deployed a solid gun line, trying to minimize where the drop pods could land within my deployment zone. Hammerheads took each corner with a firewarrior team in front, and my commander and ethereal took a ruin dead center of my deployment zone. My opponnent ignored one side and focused on my left. He fielded both land raiders, one with Celgar and his command squad, and the other with the assault squad.

Turn 1-

I held back my Crisis team and both Stealth teams for deepstrike / infiltration. The Warfish moved and deployed the pathfinders in the center of the table. One of my Hammerheads blew Celgar's land raider into the sky, and wounded his squad slightly.

Celgar moved behind a hill to not suffer the same fate as his transport. The other land raider moved forward and immobilized itself on a piece of difficult terrain. The machine spirit shot the lascannons and killed a few fire warriors. Drop pod 1 landed on my left side, barely fitting behind my hammerhead and his fire warriors. The tactical squad shot down a few fire warriors, but that was the end of them.

Turn 2-
Both stealth teams arrive. One is deployed in the left corner, the other across from Celgard. The crisis team comes in, but some bad rolling leaves them in the far right corner, where they did nothing the rest of the battle. My shooting knocks out most of the tactical squad in my lines, and my stealth team's assault finishes them off. The hammerhead are unable to hurt the last land raider.

The land raider deploys his squad and they move up my left flank. The maching spirit shoots and kills a broadside. Celgar assaults my northern stealth team and wipes them out. One drop pod lands in front of my left Hammerhead, the other on my right side. The Veterans deepstrike and land behind my left side, directly next to the other Tactical squad. Shooting wipes out a fire warrior squad on my left, and hurts another. The right side tactical squad drops most of a fire warrior team.

Turn 3-
The right side and my commander go all out on the Tactical squad, but only manage to drop a few Marines. I move the kroot squad north, directly touching my last fire warrior squad. Left side shooting kills a few marines, but not enough to make a differance on that side.

The right side tactical squad assaults my Hammerhead and his fire warriors, and melta bombs drop his railgun. The Veterans on the left assault my broadsides and wipe them off the board. The tactical squad wipes the last stealth team, and manages to get the fire warriors on that side into close combat as well. Celgar calls in the Orbital strike and the template ends up squashing half of my center fire warrior team and a good chunk of my Kroot.

Turn 4-
The Tau right side finishes off the tactical squad and his drop pod, but are too far away to help the other flank. My commander is able to draw LOS to the left side tactical squad, and manages to down a few. Left side shooting is ineffective.

The Vanguard squad jumps and lands behind my remaining kroot. The Tactical squad finishes off their Fire warrior squad.


We were forces to end out game at this point as our shop was closing in the next few minutes. We called it a draw, and without a left flank or my Crisis team, I accepted happily.

A few points I learned during my first game:

-Keep your Commander in the thick of things. Don't risk them unnecessarily, but make sure they are able to get their points worth.

-Ethereals are weaksauce. I was too worried about my Ethereal dying for him to do anything spectacular. I forgot to get him a Fire Warrior bodyguard, but that seems to be the only appealing aspect in taking one for me.

-Tau should not be in close combat. Ever.

All in all, the game was loads of fun, and I'm excited to continue growing my army.

EDIT: I'm still catching up on the 40k world, so forgive me. Does GW still do the global campaigns? Ie Eye of Terror, etc?
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Default Re: Battle Report- Tau vs SM 2000

Yes I think it does :-\

Arent you the guy who posted that other article 'First 40K game tomorrow- any suggestions?
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