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Small Tau List to Match Assualt on Black Reach armies
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Default Small Tau List to Match Assualt on Black Reach armies

Hey guys, my room-mate (who plays IG) and I purchased the blackreach box set and I've been trying to come up with a small tau list to match the armies included. For those without it, here's basic run down of the SMs and Orks included:

Warboss (power klaw)
5 Nobz
20 Boyz (2 with Big Shootas)
3 Dethkoptas (only with TL Rokits)

SM Captian (Power sword)
5 Terminators
10 Tactical Marines (1 Flamer, 1 Missile Launcher)
1 Dreadnaught (Mutli-melta, CC + Stormbolter)

The intention is to create a list that would be easy to pick up (i'm going to write a primer, like the ones included with blackreach) and shows off what the tau are about.

This is the list I was toying with:

Shas'el (FB, PR, Shield) with Deathrain Bodyguard
2 Heatwave XV8s (TL Flamer, MP)
3 XV25s with TAs
12 FWs

Any other ideas? I was thinking of dropping one heatwave for a marker drone on the stealths...

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Default Re: Small Tau List to Match Assualt on Black Reach armies

to be honest i don't quite see 3 XV8s and 3XV25s in the same place, i see the XV8 shas'el and the 12 fire warriors but i would drop the 2 heatrays for something else, besides there are so many different options for XV8s, i would also make it 5 stealthsuits to match the nobz and terminators

the other thing would be a match up of the 3 deffkoptas and the dreadnought, i would see games workshop adding an XV88 or possibly some tetra
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Default Re: Small Tau List to Match Assualt on Black Reach armies

i would say get an XV88 and a markerlight into the list...
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Default Re: Small Tau List to Match Assualt on Black Reach armies

uh... Unless those twelve FWs are in two squads of six, I think it violates the FOC, something the Blackreach stuff seemed to at least try to adhere to. (Can't remember whether there were twenty tac. marines, or whether the five-man combat squads count as a choice.)

Too many crisis suits, I think. The Orks just had a bodyguard of the five nobs, and the SMs had half an elites choice (I think, I'm not too knowledgeable about the other armies). Maybe stick another squad of firewarriors in there, instead? If you have plenty of spare points, maybe a DF, since tau are supposed to be all about mobility.

Edit: Please post whatever you decide on, I'd be interested in seeing it.
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Default Re: Small Tau List to Match Assualt on Black Reach armies

I don't think either of the forces in Black Reach adhere to the FOC... it's more like a combat patrol with a cheating SM player (out point the orks by like 130)...
Anyway, here's my suggestion:

Shas'el XV-8 - pulse rifle, missile pod, Multi-Tracker 87points
XV-8 - burst cannon, flamer, targeting array 47points
XV-8 - burst cannon, fusion blaster, targeting array 55 points
Firewarriors 12 - pulse rifles, photon grenades 132 points
Gun Drone Squadron - 8 drones 96 points
Piranha - burst cannon, disruption pod, flechette discharger 75 points

Though this force might get eaten by the SM unless used with care, I think it shows off what the Tau have pretty well. The firewarriors give you the shooty range, the suits and drones give you the JSJ action we love, and the Piranha is a skimmer vehicle (with 2 more drones) that give mobility, yet won't utterly annihilate everything and break the purpose of what you want to do - just remember to use some smart terrain. At a total of about 492 points, it gives a bit of a median between the SM and Orks. You also got to keep in mind that the Black Reach forces are rather basically equipped, which explains the gear choices I made, however I am still wary of the terminators... Those things could really jack us Tau up no matter what we take in a game this small...
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Default Re: Small Tau List to Match Assualt on Black Reach armies


Shas'el Battlesuit - Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker - 87 (HW)
XV25 x5 - Burst Cannons, Targetting Arrays, Shas'vre - 130 (Elites)
Firewarriors x12 - Pulse Rifles, Shas'ui - 130 (Troops)
Broadside x1 - Targetting Array - 80 (Special)


The way I see it is the Black Reach armies have a HQ, Elites, Troops and Special so I've given up one each to make it fair ;D I think it's ok, the commander could do some good anti-HQ/special along with the broadside, the firewarriors do what they do best - sit back and unload hell on infantry while the XV25s and their out-of-style of play would just hammer infantry.

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Default Re: Small Tau List to Match Assualt on Black Reach armies

Not to draw off topic, but these look like fairly well balanced lists for a roughly 500pt "Starter" list, right? The Black Reach box is a starter thing with 2 starter armies.
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