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[BatRep]tau vs space marines and daemons random battle
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Kroot Shaper
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Default [BatRep]tau vs space marines and daemons random battle

So umm this is the first time i wrote anything like this i dont know if it counts as a [BatRep] battle report. This is a game between my bother my friend and a random kid at gw, this is like our 3rd battle so there might be alot of mistakes. ok the teams were me and this younger kid were both tau against my brother and my friend imperial fists and tzeentch daemons with afew random daemons.

heres a rough over veiw of the lists there each roughly 800 points we didnt realy check. the lists are by memory i dont realy remember for sure

my list
plasma rifle, cyclic ion blaster, targeting array, hw.multi tracker
3 stealth suites
2 crisis suits
missile pods burst cannons multi trackers
12 fire warriors
shas'ui bonding knife
15 kroot
2 hounds
heavy support
hammer head
rail gun, burst cannons, multi tracker

my teamates list
tl. fusion blaster, shield generator, hw multi tracker, iridium armour, hw. drone controler, 2 shield drones
plasma rifle, missile pod, shield generator, hw multi traker, drone controler, 1 shield drone
2 shas'vre body gaurd
plasma rifles, missile pods, multi trackers
3 crisis suites
twin linked missile pods targeting arrays
10 fire warriors
10 fire warriors


termanator armour, power weapon, storm bolter
5 assault termanators
thunder hammers
5 scouts
4 snipers, missile launcher
10 tactical marines
plasma gun, missile launcher, sarg with power wep
fast attack
5 assault marines
sarg power wep and plasma pistol

herald of tzeentch
breath of chaos, bolt of tzeetchn, chariot of tzeentch
beast of nurgle noxious touch
3 flamers bolt of tzeentch
10 horrors
bolt of tzeentch, icon
5 blood letters
5 blood letters
fast attack
3 screamers

we decide to play kill points cause everyone decided we should just kill each other. marines and daemons won the roll for deployment, we decided not to worry about infiltrateing cause we just wanted to get going and roll some dice. my teamate depolys all of his troops on the marine half so i deploy mine against the empty daemon half.

the first turn we see the assault marines move right into the middle of the board, the tacticals move forward beheand a rock formation, the scouts stay put and the assault termanators move straight forward into the gunline of all my teamates suites. the daemons main force strikes in the beast of nurgle apears off beside the assault marines because of a weird scatter. the flamers apear right infront of my kroot and crisis suites and the squad of horrors apear a little past his own deployment zone and 5 blood letters apear by the horrors icon

the marines shoot at the shas o and his body gaurds the snipers kill the drone, and the missile promply instant deaths one of the gaurd. the assualt marines shoot the pistols at my fire warriors and kill 2. the daemons shooting was the flamers shooting warp fire at my kroot, he kills 5 and they promply flee the battle (i was ok with that, he could have shot the hammer head from the side or shoot my fire warriors.

turn 2 my teamate has all of his suites shoot at my brothers termys, my brother had to take alot of saves he promply passes them all rolling nothing lower then 4. he had moved his fire warriors about an inch forward in the movement phase because of this he wasnt in range of anybody his fusion blaster shas'o wasnt in range to hit anything. my fire warriors open fire on the assault marines killing 2 my shas'el boosts forward and kills 2 with his plasma rifle and kills the last 1 with his cyclic ion blaster. my crisis suits open fire on the flamers 4 burst cannon shots wound, his flamers fail all of his saves. my stealth suits and my hammer head wipe out the blood letters.

turn 3 the daemons player forgets to try top deep strike the rest of his force in. the tactical marines and the assault termanators creep forward. the beast of nurgle makes his way toward the fire warriors into assault range. the horrors fire at the stealth suites wounding 15 surprisingly i passed 13(lucky i know). the scouts shoot at the shas'o and his gaurds again but fail to wound, the captain fires his storm bolter at the suites and wounds 1. the beast of nurgle assaults into my fire warriors and kills 4 my fire warriors slap him up but fail to wound. the assault termys assault the shas'o and his gaurd the termys promply instant death the shas'o and his gaurd the captain kills the shas'o with the twin linked fusion blaster who was considered in the unit as he was 1 inch away.

at this point my teamate got mad and left a crushing defeat fot the greater good heh. all in all it was a very fun game i loved the look on the kids face when his 500 point hq was killed in one turn of assault.

c&c welcome feel free to tear us " noobs" apart
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Default Re: [BatRep]tau vs space marines and daemons random battle

First of all, as a Tau player I would not recommend taking expensive units (especially HQ units). Tau + Lots of Upgrades= :'(. Tau upgrades unlike nid or space marine upgrades, Tau upgrades won't make a big difference or make your units all stars. The only exception is vehicles, over all it's better (for Tau) to have bodies over upgrades.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: [BatRep]tau vs space marines and daemons random battle

Thats so true, my shas'el killed more then my team mates 2 shas'o at a third of the cost. for small games i think that shas'el are definitely the way to go
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