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Advice on Stealth Suits
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Advice on Stealth Suits

Hey guys,

My stealth suits are a full sized team who typically come with a TA in order to make them really good at shooting at hitting stuff with str5 weaponry.

Yet I realized that this was a rather large investment of points, points that could go to other things like vehicle upgrades and some nice toys for my Shas'O, such as a shield generator and stim packs.

So guys, I was wondering if it is "cost effective" to put TAs on a full size team of Stealth suits, while the points could instead go to things like vehicle and commander upgrades?
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Default Re: Advice on Stealth Suits

good question, at times I am finding that the stealthsuit TAs are becoming a sinkhole for what the burst cannons are supposed to do. Stealthsuits are great skirmishers, but against marines they chink at best. For 50 pts I can field 8 more gue`vesa, or 7 more kroot. I can either get 5 shots more, with drones, or 14-16 on the rapid fire but unprotected.

People are looking at the gundrones now, and im actually interested in testing this out myself.
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Default Re: Advice on Stealth Suits

I personally really like the set up of Stealth Suits with Targeting arrays. It gives you a lot of very accurate shots on turn one. I've used this set up before against MEQ and hoard based armies and found it worked well against both. Hitting on 3s and wounding on 3s (Or better) is wonderful. But, it's only really effective against basic infantry, so once all that's taken care of, you have a rather ineffective unit.
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Default Re: Advice on Stealth Suits

I usually use thme ot harass my foes and with their sheer volume of fire i don't bother with TA. They usually run as is with Hard wired gear on my leader.

If i got some point ot waste I give them BSF.
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Default Re: Advice on Stealth Suits

Giving all your stealths targeting arrays becomes a huge point sink, I take a squad of 5, but only in larger battles, give my Shas'ui a hard wired target lock, a markerlight and a fusion balster. I use the fusion blaster for shots of opportunity and the marker light send seekers. The other four harrass flanks and generally just try to cheese off my opponent.
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Default Re: Advice on Stealth Suits

stick them with drones and a couple marker drones and you achieve the same effect, while allowing the marker drones to be used to reduce cover saves instead when you're firing at something that is getting obscene cover saves instead of the +1 ballistics. Or allowing it to be used for a + to hit for another squad, or to ignore night fight for another squad... the list goes on.

I'll take a 2 gun drones each (or just 1 gun drone each if you're trying to save on points) and a couple marker drones any day over a targeting array.
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Default Re: Advice on Stealth Suits

Well lets see lets take a mathematical approach here 6 suits with TA versus 6 suits and a 6 man drone team because 5 man drone teams is so mu8ch harder for math....(against MEQs)

First the TA Squad
18 shots 12 hit 8 wound 2 2/3 MEQ down

next the 6 regulars then the 6 Drones
18 shots 9 hit 6 wounds 2 died
6 shots 2 hit + 1 1/3 (from TL) 1 rounded down which equals 3 total

so with the 2nd choice you get 1/3+ kills and another squad of Frisbees of death assuming you can get another 12 points or just take 5 but either way I'd still got for the extra drones and a nice meaty cushion errr... metallic cushion!

I could do other choices if you like drones was already mentioned so I did them
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Default Re: Advice on Stealth Suits

actually my point was to wiggle in a couple marker drones so you could still get the bonuses you get from the upgrades, get 6 additional models, and the extra shootage from the 4 gun drones. You don't lose anything, and you gain double model count, flexability of marker light, and more shooting for about 34 pts.
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Default Re: Advice on Stealth Suits

I'll point out that for the cost of giving a 6-man team TAs (60 points) you might be better served by putting markerlights in your army.
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Default Re: Advice on Stealth Suits

Originally Posted by MechTau
I'll point out that for the cost of giving a 6-man team TAs (60 points) you might be better served by putting markerlights in your army.
Mech Tau has an excellent point here. Considering that you have a full team of stealth suits that means you're spending 60 points on targetting arrays. Now consider this. If you factor out the devilfish that come with pathfinders, because you can use this transport for any other infantry unit on the table, 5 pathfinders only actually cost 60 points. This is great for a lot of reasons.

1) Accuracy. Each pathfinder hit's on a 4+, that means that out of 5 shots statistically you'll be scoring 2 -3 marker light hits. If you use let's say 2 hits to increase the accuracy of your Stealths then for the same points you've actually got a more effective solution.

2) Flexibility. In games against armies with low armor saves then sometimes you might be better suited getting rid of cover saves. Markerlights can do this, Targetting Arrays cant. So that's another reason to take the pathfinders over the Targetting arrays. Also, as it concerns flexibility, pathfinders can support any other unit on the table. So if your stealth suits dont have a target then the pathfinders can support any other unit on the table.

Now keep in mind that it's not all completely advantageous. There are advantages of having the Targetting arrays over the Pathfinders. In my mind it goes like this.

1) Independence. Fluffwise stealth suits roam the battelfield searching out targets relatively independent of the rest of their army. In game terms this also works quite well. If you dont want your stealth suits to be dependent on staying within the range of another unit to achieve their battlefield role then Targetting Arrays are a better solution for you.

2) Reliability. Stealth suits will always have the reliability of targetting arrays. It's a straight ballistic skill 4. With pathfinders if your opponent is remotely familiar with how the Tau work he'll avoid their line of sight where and whenever possible. This means you cant always depend on the pathfinders having line of sight to the target of choice. Having the ability to take your high ballistic skill with you whenever you want is handy. Also, let's not forget that the Pathfinders may get killed. If they're dead then they certainly cant mark targets now can they?

3)Foot print. When I say foot print I mean the amount of troops you actually have on the table. Sometimes it better to get the job done with a smaller amount of really elite units than it is with a larget amount of mediocre ones. This is especially true in kill points. It's better to have fewer units on the table that are tougher to kill in a kill points game. This could actually stand true in a lot of mission types. However, in kill points it really rings true.

In the end it's just a matter of your preferred play style. I guess you could say that it's the Kau'yon (Patient Hunter) vs. Mont'Ka (Killing Blow). My play style usually leans towards large numbers of cost effective units that take advantage of focus fire and interdependency to draw the enemy in and then annhialate them on my own terms. I'd say this would be more in line with the Kau'yon. Where as the using Smaller numbers of elite units to take the fight to the enemy themselves would be more indicative of a Mont'Ka play style. Both work, it's just a matter of making them work for you.

I hope this helps.
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