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Some question about battlesuit commander?
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Default Some question about battlesuit commander?

Some question about battlesuit commander? I bought the battle suit commander today, i know he can put 3 system on his suit. Can i equip missile pod on him? I m going to put positional relay , air bursting launcher and xv 8 rifler on him or should I put missile pod instead to put of xv 8 rifle.
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Default Re: Some question about battlesuit commander?

can you not make any less sense? Ok from what im understanding you want to put plasma,MP,Cyclonic Blaster and Positional Relay. Can you do this yes..... can you run it like this no. You have to lose 1 item. I run a Cyclonic Blaster plasma Shas'o that does wonders and kills like 3-4 Space Marines per shooting phase if he gets some good shots at 12" Then again i have another Shas'o with MP,Plasam,Positional Relay. So to simple put it yes you can put on all 4 weapons but you can only play and pay the points for 3. So you have to lose which one and tell your opponet which one is nto being in use if you do put all 4. In a toury this will not fly because WYSIWUG but for social game it will work.
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