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Are blacksun filters worth it?
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Default Are blacksun filters worth it?

Our blacksun filters double the distance rolled for night fighting and with night fight rules happening in one third of games now maybe they have become slightly more useful.

In dawn of war missions night fighting is in effect on the first turn. Up to one HQ and two troops will start on the board and unless you hold them in reserve the rest of your army will come in from your board edge on turn one. With a BSF (blacksun filter) you have a much better chance of seeing a target, improving your line of sight from 6-36” an average of 21” to 12-72” an average of 42”

This would mean the best candidates for the BSF would be:

-Commander with or without body guards; starting on the board gives the option of being deployed in a good position and be able to shoot, plus crisis suits get a re-role to the distance rolled with their acute senses. Note that only the suits that have the BSF would benefit from it.
-Fire warriors with markerlight; as they can start the game on the board should be able to shoot anything that is in range. Give the leader a markerlight and then you could use this for the rest of your army arriving in turn one.
-Elite crisis suits, specifically Deathrains, coming on from the board edge means shooting quite far and therefore the best weapon is missile pods. Plasma rifles are also an option but not as reliable because you are gambling on your opponent moving close enough, again acute senses are a bonus.
-Hammerheads with either iron cannon or a railgun, think you can hide in the dark? Blowing up your opponents tanks is a lot of fun but even more fun when they did not see where the shot came from. With both of these guns large range it is a good thing to be able to use it from the start of the game.
-Skyrays are also a good choice, you can use their marker light to fire the missiles or enable another one of your units to be able to see the target.
-Broadsides also would be good with A-S-S and BSF the team leader can walk on and hopefully shoot at a tank.

Ignoring night fighting is a useful thing and the smart missile system will do that for you, negating the need for a BSF. The only downside is getting something in range on the first turn, but a handy thing to remember if something gets close.

Ideally you will want your opponent to have the first turn, you should then be able to deploy your units where you should be out of his range but they are within yours i.e. over 21” away from their starting units. Once the rest of his/her army arrives you can react to it and bring on your big guns where they can do the most damage. You lose the advantage of picking a board edge but gain in target selection and last turn objective grabbing/contesting.

The big problem with dawn of war missions is if you lose the roll off to go first your opponent may give you the first turn. You may have the choice of board edge but you'll most likely end up coming on to an empty board with no targets to shoot at. You may be able to tempt them on with some starting units if you put something down to maybe take one or two objectives, but if your opponent knows what BSF can do they'll probably stay off the board.

Therefore it is probably best not to go overboard with your BSF unless of course you are playing a special scenario when the whole game uses night fighting rules.


Note added about BSF only benefiting the model equipped with it.
Firewarriors amended as only the leader could shoot, better in this case if he had a markerlight.
Broadsides added to list
Comment about SMS added.
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Default Re: Are blacksun filters worth it?

Personally I believe that it is one of those wargears that you take it because you have points to spare or have something to fill up (Crisis Hardpoints comes into mind), not because you really want to use it.

When it come to the dawn of war scenario, I always take my units off the table, whether I go first or second (preferably second) as I will not have anything being shot at me for at least a turn, and also to let the opponent try to come into my unoccupied space, which will soon become a trap to isolate and destroy units.

Ps:Nice write-up cykosis. 1+ Karma.
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Default Re: Are blacksun filters worth it?

Battlesuits with balcksun filters also have the night-fighting/acute senses USR, allowing them to reroll the dice for night-fighting spotting checks, then double it with the BSF. This pushes the average distance for battlesuit BSR up to somewhere above 42" - more than adequate for most purposes.

I believe the best use for a BSF is a single one on the markerlight-equipped head of a stealth team. With infiltration, the stealth team can be in position to virtually guarantee a shot at the enemy (I'd advise targeting transports on the first turn of a Dawn Raid, errr, I mean trademarked IP franchise, because few other things will be doing much important). Once the target is painted, any other unit in your army can make the shot without worrying about the darkness. Using the BSF in this way also allows more than one model to benefit from each BSF.

In this way, a single BSF can be made to do the work of many.
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Default Re: Are blacksun filters worth it?

Very Nice Write up I would give you karma if i knew how to, but, I'm Still of the opinion of Crisis_Vyper on this one, its a point/Hardpoint filler in my opinion but best used on a Hammerhead or Broadside if anything
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Default Re: Are blacksun filters worth it?

My vote for the blacksun filter is the skyray. It gets 2 markerlights, and it already has the target lock for free. The cost of the blacksuns is about the same as two suit blacksun filters, but that free target lock is worth a lot to me.

What I wish was legal is for the skyray marked a unit, then the pathfinders used that markerlight to auto-pass their night fighting check and hit it with enough markerlights that everything else could shoot at it too. Unfortunately, that would be markerlights benefiting from other markerlight hits, which the codex specifically forbids.
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Default Re: Are blacksun filters worth it?

Generally, I don't take blacksun filters unless I have extra points. I hardly ever play night fight games, and if I do, both me and my opponent normally forget about it. When we do remember, I forget about the blacksun filter .
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Default Re: Are blacksun filters worth it?

I routinely take a lone suit with TL flamer and blacksun filter.

This invariably gets a "man, you wasted points on that..."

Nope, it gets me the cheapest possible suicide suit. Ive had one solo an entire team of eldar pathfinders. As a bonus, after a showing like that, your opponent will usually waste a batch of firepower making sure it dies.

Is it fluffy? Heck no. But it works.
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Default Re: Are blacksun filters worth it?

It's also useful against "Stealth" (if you are playing against another Tau army, or Vindicaire Assassins) - as stealth counts as Night fighting you get the benefit!

Originally Posted by Tyndmyr
I routinely take a lone suit with TL flamer and blacksun filter.

This invariably gets a "man, you wasted points on that..."

Nope, it gets me the cheapest possible suicide suit. Ive had one solo an entire team of eldar pathfinders. As a bonus, after a showing like that, your opponent will usually waste a batch of firepower making sure it dies.
Full agreement here - I played SOB and had 34 Pt's left on my Army List - so to use it up, took one of these suits as a throwaway - Killed 7 Seraphim's (helped by extremely bad saving throw roles by my friend). Since then Ive tried to fit them in to most armies, Sometimes even in a squad of three (which will mince pretty much any unit!) - Had the squad of 3 inflict 22 wounds on a unit of 10 Marines - ouch. Don't know the official name for this Config, Ive been calling them the "GeorgeForeman" :P.

Thank you cheap BS filter!
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Default Re: Are blacksun filters worth it?

I gotta say Cykosis you pretty much nailed it. Just a side note on Dawn of War deployment types, Smart Missile Systems dont need to worry about Night Fight. But yeah, a blacksun filter on a hammerhead is pretty clutch. The best part about blacksun filters is that they're cheap. If you're looking for a cheap peice of wargear to put on your battlesuits to round out the configuration then just throw one on. It's extremely helpful.
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Default Re: Are blacksun filters worth it?

i always toss one on my A.S.S. broadside commander, you roll the A.S.S. and then the tam can move and shoot, i have the commander for the drones so the 3pts isnt that bad ;D
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