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The same blasted thing...Tau versus vehicle-heavy eldar tips
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Default The same blasted thing...Tau versus vehicle-heavy eldar tips

I've only ever played against one opponent in Warhammer 40k with my Tau, a vehicle-heavy Ulthwe army, and he does the same blasted thing every blasted time. In fact, it's always the same blasted game.

Two table edges, usually long enough that I can't shoot him first turn. One big forest on each edge, near where the game starts. (Always where his Striking Scorpions are).

Middle is composed of three big pieces of cover, two bunkers on either side with anti-tank turrets and one big piece of cover that we can't move through in the center, usually leaving about 5 places to get ground troops through.

Here's what he ALWAYS does:

He moves his Wave Serpent and Fire Prism and Jetbikes and Vyper up to the big cover, usually making it by the first turn. (Second, if it's really far away, but his fast-ness makes it impossible in any case) His Serpent has Wraithguard in them, thoguh he never needs them, and from there, it's basically just him jumping over the cover and back into cover each round with his tanks and killing whatever's close, while his Scorpions pop out of the woods, assaulting anything even remotely nearby. Usually after he wipes out the Kroot that I infiltrate back in there (to hold them off because I KNOW what he's going to do) he uses sweeping advance to move onto a FW squad. From there, Im' sunk, becasue my FWs can't get out fast enough to block him from bunnyhopping from squad to squad.

Occasionally he feels the need to bring Eldrad and his Seer council squad in, and use psychic powers out the ass. Tau are, of course, extremely vulnerable to psychic powers.

Assuming I have access to any Tau units on the market (I don't, but I can), what would you guys reccomend to knock his bloody vehicles out? I'd love to push through the pass, but it doesn't seem to work, becuase he does use his Avatar, Wraithlord, and Warp Spiders very well in that respect, as they hold the pass remarkably well.

Insofar I've not used the Tau to their full potential--Jetpacks, hover vehicles, Drone squads for cover, et cetera. I've also got horrible rolls (I think the dice gods hate me)--the one time I managed to mark up his Wave Serpent, I missed with 2/3 of the Seeker Missiles, and the last one didn't do anything. (I recall a game with my old Dark Eldar army where I infiltrated my Scourges with Dark Lances into his back, where he had a Wraithlord sitting there, just waiting to be knocked out, and all 6 of my scourges missed their shots. Also, the last game I played, I had my Pathfinders in deep strike rules, and they never came out in the 5 turn game). I've been considering going with a dedicated Tank Hunter unit of crisis battlesuits, supported by a hamemrhead and a throng of drones, ditching the Broadsides I've been using (they never get a clear shot at anything anyway due to the cover), and ignoring his tanks wiht the rest of my stuff in favor of rushing my FWs in in their Devilfish to take out his (Extremely vulnerable, if I could ever get to them) Troops, Elite, and HQ units. (For that, I should probably get devilfish) and using my Kroot to infiltrate into my forest and guard my FWs. These are usually 2500 point games.

Or do I just need a terrain change? I think this terrain setup is kind of stupid, but he won't change it without something balanced on both sides. Ideas?

Ayudame, por favor!
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Default Re: The same blasted thing...Tau versus vehicle-heavy eldar tips

Are you deploying on the short table edges of a 6X4 table? You're never supposed to do that. You ALWAYS deploy on the long table edges, unless the mission specifies otherwise. You deployment zones are supposed to be 24" from each other, unless the mission says otherwise.

It sounds like you guys are not playing the missions out of the rulebook, THAT is why all of your games are turning out the same. Stop doing that!

Deep Strike Some Crisis Suits to shoot the rear armor of his popping tanks. I would suggest Twin-Linked Missile Pods, which I believe to be better at hitting the tank's rear then fusion guns, because you don't have to land close to get the shots off. You can land a ways back.
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Default Re: The same blasted thing...Tau versus vehicle-heavy eldar tips

Ah-hah, that is indeed problem number one, the issue with the long-edge short-edge thing.

He has a spirit stone and a holofield in his tanks, which apparently makes them able to re-roll things and so on and so forth. Will I acutally be able to pop open his back armor with a S7 weapon?

(I didn't know Crisis suits COULD deep strike. I should read the Codex again. Or maybe I did, but they refuse to roll in.)

What about this: If I were to, say, Deep-strike into his rear, with the missiles like you said (he doesn't keep his very back guarded), and at the same time maneuver a hammerhead up using cover of gun drones and hit his front? My biggest problem is focusing TOO much on his tanks, and not on the bulk of his army, so I don't want to devote a lot of firepower to it.

And on the occasions when he does cover his rear with a nearer target (usually his wraithlord) do I take the Lord down first, or what?

Also, I think a terrain change is necessary. This middle-ground crap only works in a take-and-hold mission.
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