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Forge World stuff?
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Old 13 May 2005, 03:55   #1 (permalink)
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Default Forge World stuff?

I was wondering if you all used any of it and if so what. I was thinking of getting some of the twin-linked burst cannonsdrones and the markerlite/ burst cannon ones, are they any good?
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Default Re: Forge World stuff?

I dont have any, havent used any either, but I also was thinking of using the TL-burst cannon drones. Add a pathfinder team and its gonna be messy. I dont know what good the marklight drones are though. With BS2 I dont see how they can help all that much, unless they have some kind of special rule.
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Default Re: Forge World stuff?

Well, I don't have any since they aren't tornament legal. I prefer to play with the official rules, and parts, but on the other hand, it would be nice to have a few and use them as if they were the more normal counterparts. Like a few of those Crisis variations as regular crisis, or the same with the drones, or maybe even a vehicle.
But usually, I'd say it's not worth it, since there will be a bunch of people who would complain, or argue against non-tournament sanctioned rules. I'd rather play it safe and not base an army with some of those special things, and then have to change the army itself to go against certain opponenets/tournaments.
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Default Re: Forge World stuff?

The only thing i would recommend is the XV-89 suit which is basically a normal crisis suit with posable arms and legs. You get much the same weapons, and nothing fancy that needs different rules. And you can add shoulder weapons from the plastic sprues.

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Default Re: Forge World stuff?

Don't bother with the forgeworld drones. Some muppet decided that they should be heavy support, so you lose out on lovely Hammerheads. Especially with the yummy new turrets from forgeworld.
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Default Re: Forge World stuff?

I like Forge World stuff and i use it. I have Piranha, Tetras, Hammerhead turrets (plasma and fusion) and XV81 commander.

I plan to order some more stuff like second piranha and some more suit variants. I also speculate about sentry turrets and baracuda.
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Default Re: Forge World stuff?

they guys, i think that forge world should replaces some of the modles u by in the shop. like the new version of the tau guy with the shiled. i think he looks orsem 8)
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