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how do seeker missiles work?
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Default how do seeker missiles work?

Can someone explain how the seeker missiles work? which vehicles can equip it? how does this work with the sky ray?
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Default Re: how do seeker missiles work?

The skyray carries 6 seeker missiles; other vehicles can carry 1 or 2 each. All seekers are one-shot weapons.

To use one, you fire a markerlight at the unit that you want hit with a seeker. Any unit that can use the markerlight counter (which does NOT include the unit that fired the markerlight unless it's a networked markerlight) can expend the counter to call for a seeker missile from any vehicle on the table that has one. The vehicle with the missile doesn't need to be able to fire or even move (it can be suffering a crew stunned or worse), and it doesn't need line of sight to the target. You have to roll another die for the missile shot, but it hits on anything but a 1. Remove the missile (even if it missed) and apply the hit as normal. If the target is a vehicle, use the standard angles to decide which facing takes the hit.
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Ok this makes sense, but what about the missiles themselves are they independant so essentially a skyray can use the "Seeker Missile" 6 times or is it just for decoration and 1 shot is all you get with them because that is how I read it in the codex; and just to clerify when you say the shooter of the markerlight you mean like essentially a markerlight drone can essentially shoot a seeker missile from a skyray even if it has attacked with smart missiles? -ps: I'm new to warhammer be gentle xD
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Raven, this thread is from 2008. The rules on seeker missiles have changed drastically since this this question was originally answered.

The skyray has 6 seeker missiles. Each can be fired a single time.
They can be fired either as the vehicle's weapon in which case they fire at the BS of the firing model and count towards the maximum number of shots a model can fire in a turn.
Alternatively a single missile may be fired through expending a markerlight token (you can spend as many markerlight tokens to fire missiles as you have missiles) in which case the missile fires at BS5 and gains the ignores cover special rule.
Under the new rules missiles launched by markerlight still count as shooting made by the vehicle, thus a seeker on a vehicle may not be fired at a separate unit from the vehicle's target for that turn.
The missile is considered to strike from the direction of the firing vehicle not the markerlight for purposes of selecting which armour facing a vehicle is hit on.

Hope that clears up the rules.
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thread wise yeah I just figured I needed to post my question on an already made thread I'm used to forums where they frown on you making a new thread when one exists so thats what thats about :/

Actually yeah had to read it over a couple times to fully understand, but yeah you cleared it up thanks man!
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Tau Online is totally lawless. Post new threads any time you feel like it.
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If only we could like posts. That last one deserves it.
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