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How many fire warriors?
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Old 13 May 2005, 02:38   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default How many fire warriors?

I was just wondering how many fire warriors your all use in 1000 points and 1500 points and what you think is a good number.
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Default Re: How many fire warriors?

it depends what style of play you do and what kind of army you have, but in my mechanized tau force I always use 2 full squads of firewarrior in devilfish, which aren't enough to win the game on their own but are enough to change the tide of a battle. I always try to move them together to form an ultimate FoF with both devilfish, not much is going to walk out of 48 pulse rifle shots alive. ^-^
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Kroot Warrior
Join Date: May 2005
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Default Re: How many fire warriors?

In my 1000 I have 2 squads of 12
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: How many fire warriors?

This all comes down to personal preference, and what type of army you are playing.

With a mechanised force, in a thousand points, I will have 3 Squads of 6 in a devilfish. This works quite well for me, as i find having smaller squads to be more enjoyable then having fewer larger squads. In 1500Pt's, i would go for 4 squads of 6 in a devilfish.

With out mech, have maybe 3 squads of 8, or 3 of 12 in a thousand points battle, or having 4 squads of 8-12 in a 1500 point battle. Try to aim for 1/3 of your army to be firewarriors, unless you have something else planned (more suits, tanks, Broadsides, whatever).

You cant really pick a 'good' number, as any number is good as long as you know what you are doing with them.
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Default Re: How many fire warriors?

In a 1000 pt game I typically use 12. In 1500 points 24. That's for a mech/hybrid army.
Waldo Pepper

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Default Re: How many fire warriors?

3 squads of 8, and two of 11, the latter two in a Devilfish. THats my standard 1500 pointer. My 1000 has either 2 Fish squads, or one fish squad and 2-3 8man squads on foot. Up to 2000 points, Im tempted to increase my footslogger squads to 10to 12.
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