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Markerlight Guidelines
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Markerlight Guidelines

Been playing with a lot of markerlights lately, and thought I would share some thoughts.

Makerlights are used for two key things: Increasing BS and decreasing cover saves. So which should you use it for?

Here's the basic decision tree:

1. Will your opponent get a cover save? If not, use it for BS.

2. Are you at BS 5 already (Shas'o)? If so, use it for cover save

3. If you can use it for either, then you want your BS and the Cover Save to be 'balanced'. By that I mean the number of 'good' rolls for you (as the shooter) should be the same, as much as possible.

For example: If you have a BS of 3 there are '3' good results for you (4, 5, 6). If there is a cover save of 5+ there are '4' good results for you (1, 2, 3, 4).

Example #1:

Let's say you have Fire Warriors (BS3) shooting at a unit behind another unit (4+ cover save).

Both of these have three 'good' results (4,5,6 for BS, 1,2,3 for cover save).

So if you have two marker lights you should put 1 into BS and 1 into Cover save. That will maximize your hits.

If you have one marker light you can put it on either and it will be the same.

Example #2:

Crisis with Targetting (BS4) shooting at units in a 3+ cover save.

Here you have 4 good results on the shooting, and only two good results on the cover save.

So your first two marker lights should go into reducing cover, and any extras should be split evenly between BS and Cover.

Hope this adds to the Greater Good!

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Default Re: Markerlight Guidelines

It's how Marker Lights should be used :P. But its a well thought out way of explaining it to anyone new to Tau. good on ya 8)
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