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Kroot Warrior
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Default Broadsides

So I was wondering, I know models must have a representation of their gear/weaponry, but what if they have more than they are using? For example if I have a Broadside with SMS and A.S.S., but the model has plasma rifles on it as well, is that illegal?

I ask this cause I want to model my first Broadside with the SMS hands, cause they look nice, and also add plasma rifles in case I want to use them. I normally magnetize my suits, but doing this with the metal SMS arms might be difficult I feel.
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Default Re: Broadsides

Not in my book. You do need to specify which you are using to your opponent, though.

And check your post, I think the censor bot got your A.S.S.
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Default Re: Broadsides

For pickup games and local tourneys, there's no problems with this, but at most sanctioned tourneys, WYSIWYG is usually the rule, and may people are sticklers, GW being the main one. Friendly-wise, as long as you tell me what they are and paid the points, knock yourself out.
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Default Re: Broadsides

Yeah I'd with auxiallary priest. I added some cool looking weapons onto my commander, that looks like a combi flamer/plasma I just tell my opponent what the weapon actually is (T/L Plasma) and they're usually fine with that.
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Default Re: Broadsides

... it would be ok here, but to avoid confusion, why not put a magnet into the ball joint, and another into the arm (mental and plastic) so you can swich them?
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Originally Posted by USAFTACP
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Originally Posted by Captain Steel (Aun Leketh)
I have a response to that... it involves a dreadsock... :P
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Broadsides

Yeah, I guess I'll try that. I just wasn't sure if the magnets I had could handle a whole arm.
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Default Re: Broadsides

Originally Posted by Deadseed
Yeah, I guess I'll try that. I just wasn't sure if the magnets I had could handle a whole arm.
I've had some success with magnetic arms on 2 of my broadsides. On the team-leader, I accidentally glued the magnets together, so he always has plasma rifles. Anyway, the rare earth magnets I have do hold the smart missile arms, but just barely. Stacking magnets makes it stronger, though. If you can manage it, glue 2 magnets onto each side of the joint, or at least two of them in the arm socket. With 3 magnets in each shoulder they rarely fall off, but they point down rather than forward. The plasma rifle arms, of course, are fine with a 2 magnets.
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Default Re: Broadsides

As long as the person makes it clear there really should not be a problem. however you could just put on a few bits and say they count as a D'yi. The plasma rifles may have some problems with people though.
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