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Kroot Warrior
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Default Kauyon

Hey all,

In the tau codex it mentions a tactic used by the tau called Kauyon. It involves setting up a lure and focussing all attention on a brutal counter-attack.

Has anyone ever used this tactic? If so, how did you carry it out?

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Default Re: Kauyon

you bait a weaker unit (say a 10 man Kroot squad) and try to tempt the opponent into attacking that bait, when they do you pounce and crush the opponent's unit with concentrated firepower.

The whole idea is you pretend to show weakness to your opponent, only to have it turn out to be your strongest point.
It can be extremely effective against players who aren't very good tacticians, but when facing someone capable of seeing through your trap it could end in disaster.
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Default Re: Kauyon

Some people, on the other hand, bait with the commander or a monat broadside...that way the person thinks he can take away the toughest unit rapidely.
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Default Re: Kauyon

"More subtle commanders have been know to use the absence of troops as a lure..."

I'll leave and absence in my flank to try to encourage my opponent to move in then roll up, then my many (9) vehicles will speed forward and anialate my foe. Against more causious opponents however I'll use a nice isolated juicy squad. should they die, oh well for the greater good!
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Default Re: Kauyon

I usually have some sort of terrain/ruin/buildings in the center of the battle map, and I'll try and funnel the opponent into a bottleneck between terrain using hammerheads and broadsides on the flanks. They sneak through the cover of terrain and once they pop out on the other side, they're all clumped together and a perfect target for a large pie plate from my commander and hammerhead. The bait in this situation would be my static gun line of firewarriors, since the opponent is trying to assault them. I've taken out Marines, Necrons, Chaos, and 'Nids with this... although it doesn't always work
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Default Re: Kauyon

it seems it's quite obvious I'm the primarily Mont'ka commander among Kauyon commanders. I suggest you trust their judgment and experience over my own ^^;

All these tactics though seem very solid to me and worth a try.
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Default Re: Kauyon

Um.. you set a lure by setting a lure... ???

In my experience, you can set a nice lure with Tau regardless of whether you have a weak unit or not. Using a 'weak' or isolated looking unit like a squad of kroot is attractive, but a lot of times using powerful units such as a hammerhead can work too. The key is perhaps more about giving your opponent the impression of vulnerability more than anything else.

I find that smart players that know how to prioritize targets will try to deny your power units early, rather than go for isolated squads that are clearly throw-away units. Therefore, Hammerheads and Broadsides can work well as well, especially as they are HS choices and are deployed first. An added benefit with these units is that they tend to draw your opponent's power units into the open.

You could, for example, put either in the center of your deployment zone, with your other units concentrated on another side (probably the side farthest from the bulk of your opponent's force). This makes them more prominent and hopefully more attractive to kill. Hammerheads can use their speed to escape an attack (going diagonal to get in front of your othe troops), refusing the flank, and leaving your opponent's attacking units open to the full weight of your army's firepower. Broadsides are a little tougher to use, because they need to be rescued - they need to be deployed further back so your other units can get to the opponent in time.

All in all, I think Tau is an extremely easy race to bait with, as long as you are good at scoping out your opponent's avenues of attack, and as long as you are prepared to cede ground whenever necessary. Speaking of Mont'ka, I feel it is very easy to switch between defensive and offensive stances with Tau, particularly with Mech. Kauyon could probably be seen as a way to eliminate your opponent's stronger units before going in for the kill (ie, Mont'ka).

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Default Re: Kauyon

<3 Kau'yon. I usually like to put my very nasty 3-man plasmaside (with 2 shield drones) in the center of my deployment zone, and then leave a big empty space near them. They're tough, they usually do their job (blow up heavy vehicles) in the first 2/3 turns, when people run at them to assualt, I jump on them with all the crisis suits and mobile fire warriors in my army from the flanks.
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Default Re: Kauyon

When I use Kauyon tactics, I subscribe to the bonded teams only school of thought. I put down a semi-isolated 6-man FW team and let the opponent try to assault them, then deepstrike my Crisis teams in and annihilate them. Of course, traps aren't the only aspect of Kauyon, it also covers mobile hit and run type warfare and such.
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Default Re: Kauyon

I use a couple of variations on the Kauyon.

Spearhead deployment: Use scout move to send your pathfinders along the board edge so they are separated from the bulk of the army and infiltrate a kroot squad at the far end of your board edge. This will create a opening between your Kroot and 'finders. Like others have said, an empty spot in your line is tempting. Your opponent should attack toward the weakness in your line. When they do, deepstrike 1-2 Elite teams to fill the gap. Stealth teams, Firestorm Crisis teams and Blindingspear Crisis teams work well in this capacity b/c of their many shots.

Pitched Battle deployment: During setup place a piece of terrain at the center of the table. Use infiltrate to place a Kroot Squad and a Stealth team at the center of the table behind that terrain piece. Concentrate all your fire on one side of your opponent's line. Use your mobility to move toward that end of the table; use the 2 infiltrating units to hold the center as long as they can. You will essentially be pivoting your army around the center. By the end of your second turn you should have your army at one end of the table. What is left of his army will have to travel the length of the table to get to you.
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