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A few questions....
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Default A few questions....

Hey all, I just have a few questions about things that are not quite covered in the codex

1. Can kroot be mounted in a devilfish?

2. With disruption pods, do they always allow the vehicle to be counted as obscured, or do they need to be activated in a specific turn?

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Default Re: A few questions....

1) Kroot can not start the game in a Devilfish, or select it as a transport option. It the Kroot squad is small enough(12 or less) to fit into the fish, they can ride in a fish, brought as a transport option by another squad. See Page 37 of your codex. See Page 67 of your Rule Book(little box in the bottom right hand corner).

2) No need to "activate" a disruption pod. Anything shooting at you from 12" or more will count you as obscured. See Page 30 of your codex.

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: A few questions....

Thanks heaps,

I was also wondering if you have ever used the Kauyon tactic that is mentioned in the codex, if so, how did you carry it out?
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