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Pipe Dream: Tau Tactics
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Pipe Dream: Tau Tactics

A Tau Cadre is supposed to be equipped for a variety of situations, able to deploy tanks, battlesuits, broadsides, pathfinders, etc as needed. I find myself often wanting to know what I'll be facing before I choose my army. I think it would be grand for Tau to have a rule that let us due this in tournaments. Something like:

Tau Tactics: You may prepare two army lists for the tournament. Your opponent must tell you the main Codex he is using(1), after which you choose which list to use. You do not get to see your opponent's army list before chosing.

(1) So Space Marines w/ allied guard, for instance, would be "Space Marines"

I'm sure this is /way/ too powerful, but I have such a hard time making an all-comers list. Perhaps this should be a special ability of a Manta, that it can be quickly loaded with various configurations.
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Default Re: Pipe Dream: Tau Tactics

That's stupidly overpowered =P

It's *easy* to make a take all comers Tau list because of the high power of our weaponry. That's where the plasma rifle/missile pod combo came from, because it works against anything. It's also why Hammerheads are useful.
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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Default Re: Pipe Dream: Tau Tactics

Now it would be an interesting variant to standard rules if all players brought two lists and got to decide which one to play based on the opposing army's codex. Each player would reveal which codex (or codices if they're playing an alliance I guess), and based on that their opponent would choose which of their lists to play.
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Default Re: Pipe Dream: Tau Tactics

... it would be different... but not to sure about "better"
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