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Lord O'Shova Army
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Default Lord O'Shova Army

Ok doing an O'Shova army and already almost done with my shadowsun army.

With my O'Shova I wanted to know if humans was legal and I want to know if a sky ray is better than sniper teams or vise versa.

I wanna try out a single man suit squad so all my crisis suits will be able to acess the hard wire.

But I wanted to hear ideals and suggestions. I'm thinking of gettting the forge world suits for my crisis suits and using the old stealth suits instead of the new bubble ones. The new bubble suit I make into a team leader.

Also anyone have any ideals where I can get metalic looking wings from. Still working on my conversions with this army too. Due to Katrina and Gustov I had these guys on the back burna.
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Default Re: Lord O'Shova Army

Humans can be considered legal since its not listed, and the Farsight Enclaves have quite a few of these Guard descendents, so the fluff does allow for it. However, given the "puritan" approach of the Vior'la descendents of the Tau Enclavists, there's also some room for conflict that might disallow you from bringing humans fluffwise. As long as you address this issue in the fluff (if you are that particular, like me :P), by all means.

Running all monats might be present a problem of a lack of numbers, but still, we can run Farsight + 7 'vre and a second HQ+ 2'vre, and then 2/3 monat leaders, bringing a max of 13 (very expensive) suits and still have all of them access hardwired gear.

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Originally Posted by Jedibean
Originally Posted by Khathecleric
My love runs her Sisters with melta, so it does get rather hot for my suits when she's around. :P
I just gotta comment that I LOVE all the inuendo in this statement right here... hehe
Originally Posted by GyrfalconXV25
Originally Posted by Watchdog
Originally Posted by GyrfalconXV25
Is that penetration only for vehicles?
What else would you like to penetrate?
Sisters of battle for starters.....
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Default Re: Lord O'Shova Army

Skyray vs Sniper team ...... hmmmm well I am probablly biased because I don't rate Snipers in 5th ed - but.

Skyray is highley mobile (with Multi - Tracker you can move 12 and still fire your Markerlights).

Snipers - pretty much static (cannot move and fire)

Skyray (with Disruption Pod) is harder to destroy then Snipers - High AV and can get out of trouble quickly, light troops will strugle to scratch its paintwork).

Snipers - More fragile now outflank and deepstrike have been brought into play, Wound allocation means that over 4 wounds caused and your opponent has a 50/50 chance of wiping the unit. The one saving grace is the stealth field which makes it impossible to target at over 36 inch range. If the enemy get within 21 inches tho - you are in trouble, and the "Run" rules make this alot easier.

Skyray - More Accurate (with target array) and higher strength longer range weaponty. Missiles can also be fired by other ML in your army. Downside is only 6 shots - unless you buy more. Ap3 weapons (although less effective against MEQ's since cover saves) Great against vehicles. Also has 6 burst cannon shots within 18.

Snipers - Ok against light vehicles, same problem as Skyray aginst MEQ's (cover saves). Lower strength weapon, less acurate. Is a pinning weapon, however (not that useful).

The only clear advantage a unit of snipers have against a skyray is the points cost - a tooled up Skyray can cost double. But in a aggressive O'shovah army I would say the Skyray is more useful and versatile.

Personally I would go Ray every time ;D

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Default Re: Lord O'Shova Army

thanks for the input. I have sniper team just don't have a Ray yet. Actually Ray and new ethereal models are the only tau models I don't have.

But I could use up to 3 squads of sniper teams and only one sky ray. With sky ray I could have 8 missles and add 2 to hammerhead for a total of 10 shots. With my squad of pathfinders I should be able to launch on average 5 a turn.

If I field a 1 or 2 piranna that could be 4 more missles right there.

I respect the seeker missles cause it really helps against monsterous creatures that have a save of 3 while my railguns hit the ap2 monsterous creatures.

I probably could afford the missles do to free bonding .

With the sniper teams I have crisis suits that can do the same and possibly have a higher rate of fire and more durable minus the stealth field.

I respect my stealth field cause sometimes I'm arrogant enough to leave my team out in the open and the enemy waste his armies shots to try to see them so he can hit them.

I was going to go with snipers when new codex came out. But when 5th came out I'm leaning towards the shy ray.
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