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Sample of the 5th edition human auxiliary article :)
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Default Sample of the 5th edition human auxiliary article :)

Gue`vesa Doctrine

"Cripple Beast"

"Arrogant are those that find numerically inferior forces insufficient to defeat a numerically superior force. However, arrogant and foolhardy is the inferior force if they rely on force alone to defeat greater force. To defeat the superior when speed or force is against your favor, you must cripple the legs of the beast."

Commander, in your employment of auxiliaries the gue`vesa teams teams will be known for being water like, in that they flow with the tide of battle, and never have just one form. So integration will often follow suit in a manner befitting flexibility, and overall scenario planning. So to begin we will teach the in integration of "Cripple Beast Doctrine"

"Cripple Beast Doctrine" employs gue`vesa markerlight designation teams, in cells of 6-8 men often accompanied by thier seasoned leaders, or by reference gue`vesa`ui.

The cells operate independently providing logistical support in two methods of anti tank warfare.

Method 1: Dictates employment of markerlight beacons for adjacent seeker missiles. First salvo for negation, immobilization and ultimate destruction of enemy vehicles. This is best employed while enemy is at range, or when lack of heavy support is present.

Method 2: Dictates employment of markerlight beacons for adjacent anti tank specialists. Salvos becoming more proficient and often are of great use to defeat vehicles at distance. Often as a result can be used to isolate enemy troops (often due to enemy transports.)

Either manner of method promotes itself to the situation of anti tank warfare and can be combined into a joint attack or joint support. A flow of water as mentioned earlier.

Optimization summary

Squad: 6-8 gue`vesa, gue`vesa`ui, markerlight.

Deployment: Rear, 2-3 squads.

Unit Combination: Crisis teams, Broadsides, Skyray, Devil Fish, Hammer Head, Pirahna.

(appeared more word numerous on paper hehe.)

anyhoo. I was going to revamp the previous article to match 5th edition changes, then introduce doctrines such as this to represent advanced tactica. Any thoughts?
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