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Iridium Armour
Old 21 Sep 2008, 06:38   #1 (permalink)
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Default Iridium Armour

My commander has Iridium Armour as one of Battlesuit Wargear choice. Any suggestions to represented?
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Default Re: Iridium Armour


A shot, but making him seem more armored might be a good bet.
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Default Re: Iridium Armour

GW have an article on it and several other Special Issue wargear Here
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Default Re: Iridium Armour

My Commander also has iridium armor. What I did was use some extra Firewarrior shoulder armor to cover the joints on his battlesuit. It looks pretty sweet.
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Default Re: Iridium Armour

Just use green stuff or plasticard to add armour plates where it looks appropriate.
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Default Re: Iridium Armour

Buy a Forgeworld XV89. Much better model, much better posing, and already has heavier armour.

Not too expensive either.
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Default Re: Iridium Armour

The plasticard will be cheaper and you will get extra for more conversions later on if it appeals to you. however the forge world xv 89 you have to pay shipping yet it looks really cool. If you have any interst in modeling things like rhinos with extra armor the platicard could also be useful. Or like to convert vehicles and the like. Do forgeworld battlesuit have an ankle problem though is the question? If they break even a little bit easier I would go with the palticard. However the cost will be similar.
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Default Re: Iridium Armour

In 4th ed, the JSJ was absolutely crucial to Suit survival. In 5th, taking a hit might be more important.
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