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Tau Alphabet?
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Default Tau Alphabet?

First off, I'm sure this must have been posted here before, but a couple of attempts with the search button have underlined my weak search-fu! So sorry for, what I'm sure, must be a repeated post.

After being a tau online member for over a year, I figured it was time I painted something actually related to tau! I’m working on a BFG fleet and want to put some registration markers and ship names on the bases, but would prefer them to have the authentic tau typeface. I was wondering if there was anywhere on the internet which had the tau alphabet and numbers/digits so I can translate the ship names? (not bothered for actual tau words, just swapping out the letters/numbers would be plenty). Just as good/Even better would be a font for typing in tau-ese!

Thanks for any help!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau Alphabet?

well the actual Tau alphabet is in wh40k tau codex,but numbers iam not sure if i see them maybe doombringer can help you more with that
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Default Re: Tau Alphabet?

you might try searching the GW site really good. I remember a few years back they had a font for Tau lettering. I don't think i have it anymore, but if i do i'll PM ya with it.
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Default Re: Tau Alphabet?

Your going to have to think of a word and convert it into the tau alphabet from the codex, manually.
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Default Re: Tau Alphabet?

You can download the font at this page

then follow the instructions to upload it
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Default Re: Tau Alphabet?

thanks guys, the font's pefect

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