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Stealth Team with many drones
Old 20 Sep 2008, 04:07   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Stealth Team with many drones

One of the units I frequently see talked about is a stealth team with many (6-12) gun drones, using a drone controller on each member. One of the employees at my local store says that this is not a legal loadout: since the drones are only available on the wargear table, only models with access to the wargear table can take drones (even if they could use the support systems drone controller). I called GW, and they agreed... but didn't sound very sure of the whole matter. What are people's opinions?
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Default Re: Stealth Team with many drones

Its fine.

The rules for Drone Controller specifically mention that they take it from the wargear list, so its one of the rare exceptions of where a unit without access to an armoury can take things from it.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Stealth Team with many drones

Yes, it is in the wargear list. But it's also in the battlesuit support system list, as a non-hardwired system. So I really don't get why anyone would say they can't take drones, since it specifically says Stealth suits can take a support system as long as each member takes it. That means a maximum of 12 drones for a 6 man team. 30 str 5 shots with stealth? Why not.
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Default Re: Stealth Team with many drones

Said employee obviously does not know what he's talking about... IIRC, units with DCs must take at least one drone to prevent spending nothing on a hard point. Therefore, the whole "you can't take it because you can't take wargear" argument is moot. They're only in wargear because they'd be even more stupid in the "support System" column...

"hmm... A plasma rifle or a shield drone for my third hardpoint?"

Stupid, that is.

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Default Re: Stealth Team with many drones

Yeah the guy is wrong...Face it DC (both hardwired and support system) clearly state that you need to take a drone.

So your Stealth suit with the DC support system need to take at least 1 drone, if not two.
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Default Re: Stealth Team with many drones

Just figured I'd interject a little observation here. This is something that I've been using to my advantage a lot lately. That is, Most people who dont play Tau dont know crap about them! Use this to your advantage. Once I realized this I started winning a lot more games. It's easier to surprise people.
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Default Re: Stealth Team with many drones

And once again the stupidity of GW's answer phone team is shown... I truthfully wish I was in there. I'd straighten out so much of the crap going around.

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Default Re: Stealth Team with many drones

Grrrr... know thy codex. Study it, learn it, worship it, find every little rule or misinterpretaion and iron them out to avoid grief. My friend just learned that he cannot take both admantin mantels and artificer armour. He's been playing for 5 years....
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Default Re: Stealth Team with many drones

I have misinterpreted rules and play with them if everyone plays that way. For more than a year everyone that i play with thought that if you got another unit within two inches of a model in base to base contact was in close combat and got attacks.
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Default Re: Stealth Team with many drones

Drone controllers are free, but we must take 2 drones, marker, gun or shield regardless. So it is legal, because were paying a further stealthsuit and more to get a few carbine shots in.
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