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noob question about starting out.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default noob question about starting out.

ok I am new to the site and New to the whole Warhammer 40k thing, I have been collecting a decent size army I will have about 2k (atleast worth of units) but amy very unsure how to run them, especially the suits, I fight a bunch of different armies, me and 5 friends all play every wends. the armies are: space Marines, Imperial Guard, Orks, sisters of battle, and tyranids, is there any way to set up a 1k-1500 point all around army? Is that something you just get from playing more and more??
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Default Re: noob question about starting out.

With the exception of the space marines and orks, most of the armies your playing are based on high number of models with lower toughness. Even with that, lots and lots of pulse rifles would help out a ton. get a hold of a very broadsides and a hammerhead or 2. the HH will double as high toughness killers and anti-swarm. The broadsides will take out most anything heavy. Land raiders fear us!

Personally, I choose to customize my armies to the opponant I'm playing, thus I've magnetized most of my suits. For you, I'd say twin linked Plasma Rifles and then something fun for the 3rd slot on your suits. flamers for hoards, or Burst cannons. Fusion if you are worried about heavy armor.

Welcome to the site!
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Originally Posted by enderwiggin
you should know by now GW likes to do it backwards... "Mr. Tank driver, drive me closer so I can hit it with my sword!"
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Default Re: noob question about starting out.

I see two catagories of Armies here. Horde and Standard.

Hordes would be the IG, the Nids, and the Orks. Sisters and Marines are about the same ish, so I fight them the same way.

Hordes, I want to be mobile, I want to have lots of guns and I do not worry too much about having a ton of low AP weapons on hand to deal with armor. IG has tanks, Nids have Fexes, but overall, I find a couple of railguns, on tanks or on Sides, tend to take care of things very nicely. You will want at least one Hammerhead for the Pie Plate (Cluster Munitions) attack to take out large groups of unarmored enemies.

On your suits, Burst Cannons and missile pods will be your friends. High rates of firepower on your mobile suits. Airbursting Frag projector is a must on your commander.

Normally hordes are good at close combat, so do not let them get to your lines.

Space Mariens/Sisters, I tend to focus more on the lower AP weapons to get through the armor. Broad Sides are maxed out with plenty of shield drones to soak up wounds. I use Plasma and missiles on the suits. Snipers are good for taking out marines.
So what you are saying is that your Ground Cadre has lots of Air Support?

No. What I am saying is that my Air Support has lots of Ground Cadre.

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