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Farsight Enclave army
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Default Farsight Enclave army

I am thinking about converting my tau army into an enclave army and don't really know where to start (other than getting commander farsight) can anyone give me some ideas or an army list I can take a look at?
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Default Re: Farsight Enclave army

I just woke up man. Answered you in a PM, but for the benefit of prospective Enclavists, I'll list my thoughts here:

The only real limitation I feel of a Farsight list is that you will be railgun-starved, a max of 4 versus the 9 that everyone else has. I've never taken any auxiliaries anyway.

That aside, it really depends on what you want. There's a mech list and a hybrid list, and it's done by juggling the number of suits and devilfish. I play Hybrid to maximise on the restrictions, but that's just me.

Suit configs I find is best up to you to decide. There's a lot of stickies on what each type does. So a hybrid in general looks like:

8-13 Crisis (across 2 HQ and 2/3 Elite slots)
0-6 Stealth
3 Warrior teams
1-3 Devilfish
1 Pathfinders
1 Railhead
1-2 Broadsides
0-1 Skyray
0-3 Sniper drones

Grab the codex and tweak the upgrades and stuff.

Hail to the God-Emperor, Baby!

Originally Posted by Jedibean
Originally Posted by Khathecleric
My love runs her Sisters with melta, so it does get rather hot for my suits when she's around. :P
I just gotta comment that I LOVE all the inuendo in this statement right here... hehe
Originally Posted by GyrfalconXV25
Originally Posted by Watchdog
Originally Posted by GyrfalconXV25
Is that penetration only for vehicles?
What else would you like to penetrate?
Sisters of battle for starters.....
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Default Re: Farsight Enclave army

Play Hybrid, and you're going to have to learn to use the Fusion Blaster to hunt heavy armour as well as the railgun.

For Crisis, I'd probably run them around 1 for every 250-300 points, not too heavy but not exactly light on them either.
Don't change your tactics too much, and its not hard to build a list within the restrictions.
I'll make some lists over on the Tau Army List board if you want.

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