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Markerlight and Seeker Spam in 5th.
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Default Markerlight and Seeker Spam in 5th.

The first round of 'Ard Boyz has come and gone, and I took advantage of the tournament to gain a good bit of data on Tau tactica (since it has been the largest 5th edition games I've gotten to play).

Two things I decided to include in my list were numerous Markerlights and numerous Seeker Missiles. I ran two 8-man Pathfinder squads, a Sky-Ray, and a ML-equipped Stealthsuit team. On top of this, my list included two Devilfish (from the PF's) equiped with 2 Seeker Missiles each, and a Hammerhead also with 2 Seeker Missiles.

I'm loving markerlights more with each game I play because of their versatility. First and foremost, I see Markerlights as our counter to our inferior close-combat abilities. Whole squads of S5 weapons firing at BS5 is just fantastic. Of course, Markerlights can also reduce cover saves, which is just icing on the cake.

But now I'm looking at Markerlights as a third option that I never really considered before. By equipping Seeker Missiles to every tank in my list (on top of having a sky-ray), Markerlights can basically become our LasCannons, Missile Launchers, and Grenade Launchers that other armies boast.

Seeker Missiles, more commonly utilized as anti-tank weaponry, are becoming the instant killers of my enemy's multi-wound models, much in the same way they have used Las/Missile shots at mine. Something that we Tau don't normally have to utilize - or at least not on a per-squad basis.
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Default Re: Markerlight and Seeker Spam in 5th.

Why stop at 1 skyray? Bring 2. That would surprise most opponents and be rather fun to play.
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Default Re: Markerlight and Seeker Spam in 5th.

I actually do have the components to build a 2nd Sky-Ray. However, with larger point games, I generally bring a Sky-Ray, Hammerhead, and some Broadsides. I just love that pie-plate more and more in 5th, since it auto-hits (sorta).

Now if only Seekers could count as frag/krak.....
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