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What counts as a DIY sept?
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Default What counts as a DIY sept?

I know there isn't really any strict guidelines for what classisfies as a DIY sept/chapter however my army is a DIY sept (well I like to think it is anyway). For example my army is painted in the same sept colors as T'au with the difference of a black panels above and below the embelem on the shoulder plate of the fire warrior. Along with that there are a few other panels coloured in black such as along the top section of the pulse rifle (still with me?). Moving back onto my point...Would this classify as a new sept, or perhaps just a cadre in the T'au sept.

The main reason I ask is for a back story to my sept/cadre/whatever.


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Default Re: What counts as a DIY sept?

Really the only thing that dictates whether you have a new sept or not is: whether you want to create a new sept or not.

Just because something is painted to look similar to one of the schemes in the codex is irrelevant. Besides, most of the schemes in the codex are really just the camo the Tau wear for a certain environment. In the new rule book, the Tau section shows a Bor'kan force wearing the scheme the T'au sept has in the codex. That is because the T'au "scheme" is just the standard desert camo.

The 3rd Sphere expansion was left as one of those "on going" events in the 40k universe so that players could create their own septs that had recently been added to the empire.

Hope this was of some help.

-By Timjim
Originally Posted by Lord-General Thunder
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Default Re: What counts as a DIY sept?

Yeah it was, thanks. Phew - that makes me feel much better about my colour scheme ;D

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Default Re: What counts as a DIY sept?

Welcome to the Forums!

And don't worry about color schemes, in 40k, anything goes. I play a grey and black Vior'la Cadre
"Brothers in battle and blood, In oath and honor, In life and death, In faith and in truth. Brothers in the sight of the Emperor. So be it ever, as He-on-Terra wills. Amen." - Prayer of Initiation, Knights Revenant attr. Captain Lucius Faust, 597.M41

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Default Re: What counts as a DIY sept?

I use humans with Tau gear and stats and call them my "Colonials"... Yes I did watch too much of the oBSG when I was younger. Pics of my "Tau" are below:

Peace through Superior Firepower! =^.^=
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