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Tau Skyray Conversion Kit
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Default Tau Skyray Conversion Kit

Has any one ever use this in a game? How many points was the game? Was it usefull? What did u use it for? What targets I'm guessing for troops 6 seeks and SMS can take out alot of troop? I'm just asking because i just got one.

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Default Re: Tau Skyray Conversion Kit

Sky ray is really strande vehicle. First it is really expensive, as it is more expensive than fully equiped railhead. And second it can't take the more delicious vehicle upgrades like target lock and multi tracker. Also negative is that you need to use sky rays seekers in order to launch its missiles so you can't use any othe rmarklight for it's guiding.

So positive is:
- that you can launch all 6 seekers in one turn (but you are left without amunition) which is good if you want do destroy some 3+ save unit Like devastator squad.
- And it is really good against fliers (if you encouter them, which is really rare)
- it is fairly acurate.
- it can mark for other seekers as well.

And bad is:
- it can't move 12'' and shoot so you are loosing skimmer protection here (and you can't get that upgrade).
- you need LOS in order to use it's seekers.
- no one else can use it seekers, but sky ray can use other seeker.\
- It is really expensive.
- it is one shot weapon.
- and both ionhead and railhead are cheaper and can do ususally more.
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