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tau get a workout-multiple batreps
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Default tau get a workout-multiple batreps

Greetings my hooved brethren.

I a big day of games yesterday including some babylon 5, battletech, battlefleet gothic and 2 games of 40K over the course of about 20 hours or so.

The first batrep-

The green tide:
this battle found tau joining forces with an imperial guard tank company. facing off against a mostly footslogging ork horde at 4K per side.

kill points
Set up-
12" deployment

The force i commited to battle this day at 2K

we actually won first turn but the IG player wanted them to go first, so i let him roll with it.

The table is set-

The ork player really didn't have much space. he had a few buggies, a couple dreads and a couple kans. most of the rest was infantry.

the IG player clogged the right flank of the board leaving me spaced out on the edge to make best use of the orks generaly limited range.

Turn 1
was pretty anti climactic for me. i lost a shield drone to to zap gun and took some sporadic fire. mostof the ranged ork weapons were going after vehicles. the rest of thier force was just running forward.

I managed to stun a dread and kill a few bikers and loota boys, most of the rest of the fire was aimed at thining the ranks of nobs.

Turn 2
His bikes got to my FWs in the left building and understandably won CC. he got one squad of infiltraitors in who assaulted a russ and riped of most of its guns. his shok attack gun spent this turn and most of the rest of the game shooting at one demolisher. he kept rolling really low for strangth on the thing, or scattering off. i also lost a few drones in the exchange.

Return fire saw the infiltrators and biggies whiped out, 3 of my sentry guns came in as did a squad of sentinels. the right flank was quicly being cleared oforks through IG tank fire. while i spent most ofmy fire on bikers, lootas, dreads and Kans. i finally managed to kill a dread with it.

Turn 3
i lost a crisis suit to his bikers, another infiltrator squad came in and got my laft flank hammerhead(rolled badly on the fletchettes), he tried assaulting the other but the lone ork that tried never made it, fletchettes saved me there. i also loast one sentry to a combined shooting and assault from a huge tank busta squad, but it took all of that to do it. most of the ork fire was going into the IG still so i only lost aditional drones this turn.

I poured fire into his bikes and missed or failed to wound with everything, my FWs on the other flank and a crisis suit also unloaded into a lone nob and failed to kill him as well. i made up for my horrid shooting there with a dread kill from my remaining hammerhead. one of my other crisis suits nailed his can squad killing both and cause one to explode. killing 11 grots and 2 orks in the ensuing explosion(i rolled big on distance...and killing grots with a S3 blast was pretty darn easy.

The IG continued to thin ork ranks. his end of the table was in fact pretty clear.

On the reserve side i got my last plasma sentry in and he got his sentinel squad in. the plasma and melta went after the nobs in mega armor, killing one and wounding one while his sentinelss shot and assaulted the remaing loota boys routing them in CC.

We ended up calling the game so we could move onto yet even more games. as it turned out the IG player lost no actual units. withonly 1 russ severly mauled. i lost 4 full units. the orks lost 7.

For a combined tau/IG victory.

Once again the gun sentries paid for themselves. forcing his tank bustas to turn to face a threat to the rear rather than advance on the tanks.

Next up-
facing the eldar.

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: tau get a workout-multiple batreps

game 2 for tau started at about 7Am the next morning as one of our regulars has been put on a saturday night work shift. so he rolled in as we were finishing up some classic battletech and challenged me to a league match.

Game 2-
2,000 points
d3+2 objectives


Turn 1.
this was a very tough game. i lost first turn and it when down hill from there. we were both running rather small, elite, fast armies.

he sniped and pinned my FWs on the left flank allowing his dire avenges to move into range unmolested. he fired on the hammerhead with his prism but the disruption pods saved me from damage. the blue squad devil fish wasn't so lucky taking a 2 on the charts. most of my other units were to far back for him to hit.

i returned fire wounding his avatar with a SMS volley, i used JSJ effectively to pound on his vehciles while i managed to keep far enough back to stay out of his shorter gun range. the FW squad center was out of range of anything even with 30" range.

Turn 2
his warp spider came in and with a littel help from a vyper took the center FW team down to the team leader and his marker drone. they failed thier check and fell back..and failed to regroup at the start of my turn. running off the board. the other FW team got decimated my blade storm leaving only 2 FWs who made thier LD check and stayed in the fight.

He killed 1 fish and ripped all the guns off the other(well except for that 1 seeker missle i had left). he also managed tokill a few shield drones.

My return phase saw my plasma sentry and my tank hunting shas'o come in. both landed golden. getting my shas'o in the 6" sweet spot of his prism stunning it on a pen 1(stupid holo fields) the sentry landed on the falcon as intended ripping the pulse laser off with the auto glance of 3. i made my invul save so i got to shoot as well when i landed. > i then fired into the fire dragons who had gotten out of the falcon but only mananged to kill 1. theleft hammerhead moved 6" and fired everything into the avatar.....add utterly failed to do anything. the other hammerhead hit his wave serpent and his viper, but it took the help of 2 crisis suits to down the vyper and both immobilise and rip the bright lance off the serpent.
the other 2 suits went after his warp spiders. taking them down to 3. he failed thier test and fell back

Turn 3
his fire dragons focused their attention on the sentry that landed near them. they managed to kill it with some effort. he forgot to move his avatar (which cost him the game) so he fired at my hammerhead and stunned it, then assaulted it and killed it. his pathfinders fired into my tank hunting shas'o and killed a single shield drone. he stayed in the fight for now. the nearby dire avengers were just shy of assault range and since they had just blade stormed he could do nothing else. he moved his other avenger squad out towards an objective and parked the wraith guard on a second. he no longer had any high strength long range guns above S6 so my remaining hammerhead was fine for the rest of the game. his spiders again failed thier check and fell back.

My return action saw my other gun sentries drop in, my tank hunting shas'o fire on and attempt to assault his pathfinders but he came up short on his irridium armor roll. the 2 remaining pathfinders i had moved onto an objective. i took a pot shot at eldrad with a missle sentry and put a single woundon him. the melta sentry missed. while the other missle sentry along with my remaining suits and hammerhead poured fire into the wraithguard in the center.

Turn 4-6
he engaged my tank hunter with blade storm, snipers a fire prism(rolled 1s to wound twice even with doom) and eldrad....and managed to put 2 wounds on him, had it not been for FNP he would haved died 4 times over.
he then assaulted him withthe dire avengers for a drawn combat-he couldnt hurt me and i couldn't hit him ;D

He killed my last 2 FWs his dragons got my melta sentry but killed two of thier own in the ensuing explosion. his spiders finally re-grouped

I proceeded to stay locked in CC with my shas'o for 2 more turns until i finally managed to kill 2 dire avengers. they failed thier LD test and ran.....and i sweeping advanced them

I killed his other avenger squad, his spiders and all but 1 wraithguard leaving us with no objectives taken. i contested 2 out of 4 and he contested 1 for a tie game.

We added up VP so see if we could get a tie breaker and we were also tied on VP.

In the end it was a very tough fight. my tank hunting shas'o drew at least 4 of his units attention for seveal turns allowing me to remain unmolested while i focused on his other flank. The gun sentries also caused him to divide his forces to deal with his back field rather than advancing on me to get into gun range. thus allowing me to exploit JSJ and superior ranges.

I serously thought i was going to loose this one up until the end of the game. so i was more than happy to pull off a tie.

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: tau get a workout-multiple batreps

Hey, another good battle report. 1+ karma.
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