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Tau - Chaos???
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Default Tau - Chaos???

Hi there,
I don't actually play Tau, so please excuse any mistakes I might make in this topic, but:

I was playing against a Tau player, and his friend, a long time veteran, commented that the Tau were part of Chaos, after discussing the chances of a chaos lord joining the greater good. Upon asking why, He said that the Tau motto/slogan is "for the greater good" and someone else, who I hadn't heard of, but apparently chaos, has the same motto.

Is there any merit to this? If so, why? If not, what proof is there against this assumption?

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Default Re: Tau - Chaos???

There is absolutely no merit at all. that comment does not hold any water, its actually backwards. The tau have an underlying desire to kill all Chaos. They do not even try to accept chaos into they're empire, they just go straight for the kill.
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Default Re: Tau - Chaos???

Gue`la are bad enough, but the sightings they saw of these gue`la sparked a kill on sight initiative, though be it not totally impossible to the mislead chaos guidings of tzeentch to pact with tau.
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Default Re: Tau - Chaos???

Well the Tau are absolutely not part of chaos. They have almost no psychic signature in the warp, no method of travelling within the warp, they have no psychic ability whatsoever and they're also completely devoted to the path of the greater good which has nothing to do with Chaos.

The Tau would also at this point never form a pact with Chaos (Marines or Daemons). I think they tried to send diplomats to parley with Chapters of Chaos Space Marines but it didn't end well for them. I know that they did this with the Orks at first and that turned out horribly.
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Default Re: Tau - Chaos???

I am not sure that would really protect them from deceit, though. Tau are very resistant to the influence of Chaos, but that cuts both ways. They are not going to be as sensitive to the inherent "wrongness" of Chaos. Things like mutations or even lesser daemons may not register as anything more than more unusual aliens. Chaos Space Marines may just be regular Space Marines with interesting heraldry.

That is how all of this balances out. An Eldar or a human psyker has a lot more to fear from the Daemonic than a Tau would, be they are also much better equipped to recognize the influence of Chaos.
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Default Re: Tau - Chaos???

upon explaining that the Tau have no warp signature (right word?), he used another example of the fact that there is another chaos race that has no psykers what so ever. Again explaining that the Tau have no warp signature, he held his tongue, but didn't look satisfied. Is there anything that has been officially released that could prove him wrong? (I tried to explain my small understanding of the theory that eldar kidnapped the Ethereal's and enhanced their pheromone abilities, but was quickly countered with the fact that it wasn't officially released...)

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Default Re: Tau - Chaos???

The Tau's concept of The Greater Good is built on such concepts as harmony, working together to build a brighter future and stomping those who don't agree with your ideals into the dirt. Aside from that last one, those aren't very chaosy traits at all now are they?

Saying that Tau are Chaos using that piece of evidence is similar to proving that the Eldar race is a banana. :P
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Old 28 Aug 2008, 12:07   #8 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau - Chaos???

first of all the tau do have a warp signature its just that compareing to a human your average tau warp signature is like a drop of water compareing to a glass of water.

secondly after their first encounter with chaos cultist during the first sphere expansion, the tau and kroots have (IMHO) a high priority in eliminating any chaos tainted beings and burning their body.

thirdly chaos and tau would never be able to serve the same cause since their ideology are at odds with each other, one is of self preservation and the other is about the preservation of the whole.
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Default Re: Tau - Chaos???

Since when TAU had suddenly sailed on the Anti-Chaos crusade?! Where do people get those ideas? Just because you might not like Chaos yourself, doesn't mean the army you as a whole suddenly becomes Chaoses mortal enemy.

also completely devoted to the path of the greater good which has nothing to do with Chaos
***Jedibean, not picking on you in particular, but on though as a whole.***

I see a lot of people have this "misconception".

- TAU concept of "greater good" which is litterally -> "better for us". They are making world better, for themselves.
- Their complete lunacy about their concept means that they will stop at nothing to achieve it, and would rather die then see it fall.
- They are VERY naive and lets face it, inexperienced when it comes to the "communications". It will pass in time, but for now, its just how it is.

In the end, we get the perfect recipe for disaster. Tell a TAU that you will help him on his quest for Tau'Va and they'll jump in bed with you. Daemons do not need to posses TAU to manipulate them, they just have to offer there help.
TAU do not have prejudice towards Chaos more then they have towards Tyranids or Orks. They will hardly see the "ethical" difference Between a Tyranid and a Possessed. Both look weird, both are trying to eat them.
However, this also means that they won't see a difference between a possessed Gue'la Commander and a Normal one. Both are surrendering which means both... Just because Chaos like to wear skulls and weird symbols, doesn't mean TAU would be offended by it. Kroot eat there victims right in middle of a battle field... and yet TAU hire them.

I hope this cleared things up on how TAU are not infact saints send to 40k by emperor to cleanse galaxy of Chaos. ^_^

***Eldar had orchestrated quite a few of the events and didn't posses a single person. Which means, deception is and always was a valid battle plan and a source of manipulation.***
***Don't flex Gue'Vesa on me. Just because TAU give surrender as an option, means they are a small Empire that needs all the "men" they can get. It has nothing to do with them being nice. Many TAU are VERY Xenophobic and regard aliens as low-rate races. Just like there are many humans that sympathise to aliens, there are many TAU that despise humans***

Walk tall everyone!!!!!

- What man is a man who doesn't make this world a better place?
- Definitely, mostly not about the girl.
- I should only kill people after I get to know 'em?

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Default Re: Tau - Chaos???

Originally Posted by Walrus man
Saying that Tau are Chaos using that piece of evidence is similar to proving that the Eldar race is a banana. :P
And your proof that the Eldar race is a banana comes from the fact that some are painted yellow, and of course when you peel off that yellow armor they're white inside. :P

Anyway, your long-time veteran friend is, frankly, talking shit. I'll prove it. Below are quotes from a well-known Chaos character and your average Tau.

Tau Motto: "For the Greater Good!"

They're like the same exact thing!

And what "chaos race" is he talking about? I've only been into 40k for the better part of two years so I admittedly don't know as much about the universe as a self-proclaimed veteran would. In either case I don't see how that's even relevant, you don't have to be a psyker to be tainted by Chaos. La'kais in Fire Warrior was possessed by a daemon, but that doesn't mean "Tau = Chaos race"...are humanity a "chaos race" because of Chaos Space Marines?

Anyway, I also kinda agree with Red_dog there. There isn't much in the background suggesting that Tau are rabidly anti-Chaos. It's the polar opposite of their ideals so of course they'll be enemies, but I highly doubt they see them as "evil" at all and task themselves with purging the galaxy of them. They're just aliens to them, and if they can't be reasoned with then they'll be destroyed like the rest who resist.

Warhams is serious business.
Originally Posted by Redbeard
Knowing the rules is not WAAC. Bringing tough lists is not WAAC. Acting within the scope of the rules is not WAAC.
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