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Old 27 Aug 2008, 14:48   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Vespids

who here who is over the age of ...lets say 15-ish , use vespids in there army

If you do tell me why

the reason I have a age limit is because little kids think that the vespids are awesome for some reason and always use them If they can.
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Default Re: Vespids

Well with the new Deepstrike rules in 5th Ed, I might bring in a squad of vespid more often in my army composition...and I'm in my 30s.
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Default Re: Vespids

That's a bit unfair. There are plenty of people on here under 15 who are able to make well thought out and reasoned arguments for and against something, just as there are many members over 15 who aren't. Age has no real bearing on the validity of a person's claim. >
Originally Posted by Yaifrog
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Default Re: Vespids

Id take Vespid in any game where I knew there was soft targets in the opponent's zone that I could deepstrike onto. In a tournament where I might dive them headlong into a hoard army, not so much.
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Default Re: Vespids

I find that vespids in tandem with markerlight help works well.
Especially from a small stealthsuit + marker-drone team. (Got to love relentless ^^)
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Default Re: Vespids

Obviously, the strength of Vespids is their AP3 weaponry. Their Jump Infantry rules allow them to move 12" to get within firing range, or to Deep Strike to the same effect. Of course, there are a few downsides. I personally find their points cost a tad high. Their armor save pretty much requires them to be in cover, and considering their role in a battle (which I'll discuss int he next paragraph), can be tricky to pull off. And finally, perhaps the biggest downfall, is the 12" weapon range.

I've always viewed Vespids as a sort of "Cleanup Crew" for MEQ armies. Basically, you pick away a Marine squad at range with your other units, then move your Vespids in for the Mont'ka. With Vespids, you'll want to kill whatever they're shooting at outright. If you don't, chances are you'll be assaulted next turn (due to your 12" range). Considering the worse-than-kroot stat line Vespids have for assault, and the meager 5+ armor save, it may be difficult to win combat against even a couple of marines.

When against Horde armies, just leave the Vespids at home. Their short range and lack of assault capability will just be a hindrance, and their AP3 weaponry wasted against light-armored targets.

Though I do own a squad of 11 Vespids, I very seldom ever use them. In friendly games, If I know I'm up against a MEQ army, I ~might~ bring them. But in tournament gameplay where your next opponent and scenario are practically unpredictable, I'd rather invest the points somewhere else. If I recall, a squad of Vespids can cost as much as a Hammerhead. Which one do you think I'd rather have?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Vespids

I use them quite a bit as said before as a clean up crew or when i know there will be pleanty of terrain around. So far every game i have used them in they have killed more than the points i have spent on them.

Been lucky i know one day there going to get caught in the open and die so fast it want be funny. I used 6 in a 750 point tourney game we had a few weeks back and took out 2 5 man heavy weapon teams that was giving me hell. The guy laughed when he saw my bringing the vespids out but by the end of the game he had alot more respect for them when played right.
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Old 27 Aug 2008, 20:14   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Vespids

Personally, while I like the Vespids for a cleanup, I tend to use them to take out units that are near the rear and are being very annoying. They are great for taking out mortar teams in the rear areas. I cover jump them until I can get into striking distance and then expect the Vespids to die in a counter attack.

However, typically a feeder fish (piranha) can accomplish the same task. It's just that everyone sees the Vespid as worthless so they rarely care where they are until the unit strikes. If you can deep strike Vespid now, that would make my life and my Wasp Boys easiler.
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Default Re: Vespids

I'm 14, if no-one minds I'll still voice an opinion

I've used vespids quite a lot

I use them because 97% of my battles have been played against armies with a predominatly 3+ armour save, while they are no means for use in killing whole MEQ squads, they really help you on your way to doing so.

Additionally, when it comes to the crunch, with their I5 they can tie up a squad in close combat and maybe even overpower it over a few turns in the case of weaker units, this is good seeing as if they are in CC they are more likely to get their armour save, all this buying units weak in close combat some time.

and don't be so ageist, if people only used vespids 'cause they look cool wouldn't post here with a reason anyway would they? And who knows, you may be alienating someone with an excellent poin
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Default Re: Vespids

Vespids feel very much like dark eldar to me, when you do use them against a squad you want to kill it dead, or you'll be shredded to pieces. They really can't stand up to anything. When I finally do bring them out of where they are hiding to finish a squad I try to make sure to be close enough to get the charge after shooting in case they don't all die. After shooting to soften squads up, the I5 attacks can usually do the trick and keep your insects unharmed.

Leaving them 12" away (within rapid fire range) is probably the worst thing you can do to Vespid against marines. In combat you at least get some attack in first, getting shot at you're just dead.
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