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How many Devilfish is too many?
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Default How many Devilfish is too many?

Wotcher all,

I was wondering for a 1,500pt Tau army (my first I'm still working on), if 3 Squads of fire warriors with 3 Devilfish was overkill or not? Is 2 sufficient? Going with a Fish of Fury tactic, mecha army. Will be posting a draft for critique, going with some Kroots for h2h, crisis suits, a few stealthers and heavies for anti-tank. Thanks for the advice in advance.

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Default Re: How many Devilfish is too many?

Well, I would need to see the list, but it all depends on your tactics. For most games you will need troops to stay behind and hold your own base, and so I would take only two devilfish. The fish of fury should be enough to hold off whatever is coming, and your opponent may just ignore your firewarriors on foot, as they would be harder to get to and pose less of a threat. If you need to, you can always use one of the devilfish to pick them up when things get messy. However, If you have the points, another fish might be worth it, incase one gets wrecked, etc. You can always fly bake to your own lines in later turns.
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Default Re: How many Devilfish is too many?

I've been known to field four devilfish and firewarriors, but maybe that's just me. As Ethliel said it all depends on your tactics. I like to field an army that is commited to mobile warfare, so in essance I stand, shoot, wait till my opponent gets too close, then scoot off in my fish. I also don't take crisis suits. My army generally looks something like this.

HQ crisis shas'o
ELITES 4x stealth suits
TROOPS 3x fire warriots in devil fish, one without + kroot (points pemitting)
FAST ATTACK 6x pathfinders (give devilfish to F/W team without a DF)
HEAVY 2x hammerheads

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Default Re: How many Devilfish is too many?

I usually have a minimum of 3 devilfish in my army at a time. It works out pretty well. In a 1500 point game I'd say that taking 3 devilfish is perfectly reasonable. You just have to make sure that you put them to good use.
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Default Re: How many Devilfish is too many?

3 Devilfish for three squads is not overkill, but I wouldn't use more than three devilfish for more than three squads, with the exception of pathfinder devilfish.
In the end, its your army, and if you want another devilfish then get one. If you buy an extra, then get a skyray box, and turn your devilfish and new skyray into two of: Skyray, Ion hammerhead and Rail hammerhead.
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Default Re: How many Devilfish is too many?

Not nearly enough. in 4th i ran with 5 all tooled out as warfish. they were the strongest anti-infantry part of my army.
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Default Re: How many Devilfish is too many?

Ive only been playing tau for a little bit but the one thing i have found out is that tau fire warriors without a devilfish are very soon dead tau firewarriors
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