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[BatRep] 3 way, Tau vs. Eldar vs. Tyranids 500pnts
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Default [BatRep] 3 way, Tau vs. Eldar vs. Tyranids 500pnts

500pnt 3 way battle:

me: tau with bare minimal commander, 6 fire warriors, a 15 strong kroot squad + shaper giving them a 6+ save, and a great knarlock with 7 kroot + shaper (proxied by necrons)

guy 1: eldar proxied by marines, 2 dire avenger squads, some lone ic i didn't deal with...warlock, i think, and some kick ass CC ic, who i totally thought at a weakling...cause i don;t know eldar at all.

guy 2: nids, stealer shock + broodlord + lictors

turn 1:

fire warriors and commander pull forward and fire at the dire avengers...doing nothing, goaded knarlock rushes ahead it's handers fireing at the same squad...losta hits..nothing, kroot squad rushes through the woods to high ground, unleashes a volley at the kick ass IC, many hits....noting, commander hides behind warriors.

broodlord pulls off a stealer unit, rushes toward the no-name eldar guy, stealers fleet toward the 2nd avenger squad.

Avengers, advance and fire at the firewarriors, lots of hints...lots of wounds, all 1's and 2's...all warriors dead. kick ass guy, rushes into CC with the goaded knarlock, has I7, uses some eye blasty thing only usable once per game, kills all but the shaper and knarlock, attack back....whiff, they just make their check not to run, 2nd avenger squad fires on stealers, kills 2

turn 2:

commander JSJ's and fires at avengers, seeking revenge...botches, hides in woods, kroot on hill top, flee into woods, fight rages, kick ass guy first again, does 1 wound to both shaper and knarlock, i need 6's, roll 5's, attack back, 6 hits, 0 wounds, sweepinf advance check, me = 5, him = 11

broodlord rips no-name to pieces, stealers totally massicare 2nd avenger squad, take no wounds and get 6" consolidation, almost into the 1st avengers.

avengers advance on commander, but aren't in range, shoot at seatealers...noting. kick ass dude, heads for commander.

turn 3

kroot in woods fire at kick ass guy, massed fire finally works! he dies!, commander backs up, fires at avengers..botch

stealers, still taking no wounds, rip avengers to pieces! eldar all dead! stealers 6" consolidate toward commander. broodlord hangs out watching his minions kill things, lictors deploy, one in woods with kroot, one between stealers and commander, 4 kroot + shaper in woods vs lictor, it first, hits 4, wounds 4, Kroot saves...all 1's, the shaper is alone...attacks...hits 2...wounds 2!! lictor saves 4's! it needed 5's, shaper kills it!, shaper passes check, slinks 3" further back into the woods. other lictor, rushes commander, 1" shy of combat

turn 4:

commander runs back firing at advancing stealers, botches!, shaper, charges lictor, lictor hits first, hits 3, wounds 3! shaper saves...2 6's! he lives! , shaper...hits 3!, wounds 2! lictor saves...2 6's!..nooo, sweeping advance, shaper = 4, lictor = 5

the ghosts of the eldar grumble

Stealers swarm commander! he dies! but wait! failsafe detonator! all but 2 stealers vanish in a massive explosion!!

all in all, the funniest game ever, as me and the eldar player are used to 'crons and iron hands, respectively.
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