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How do you Handle Eldar? in particular eldrad
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Default How do you Handle Eldar? in particular eldrad

This weekend I played my friend with his eldar in a 2500 point game. He ran Eldrad, 2 wraith lords, Avatar, 2x Harlequins, 1 warp spider, rangers, ravager i thing there called, howling banshees. Mean While I ran Commander Rym'r with 2 body guards(fire knife) and 2 marker drones. Shas'el 2 body gaurds (fire knife config), Stealth suits x1 /w marker drone, 1 unit of crisis suits (plasma rifle,fusion blaster), 1 crisis suit Burst cannon, plasma rifle. 1 squad of 6 pathfinders with devil fish, 20 kroot 4 hounds 1 shaper, and fire warriors x3 (12 man squads), sniper squad x1. I got absolutely routed in the first 2 rounds cause of horrible dice rolling. However it seems like it's almost impossible to take down eldrad does anybdoy have any tips
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Default Re: How do you Handle Eldar? in particular eldrad

Actually, to be honest with you...don't bother.

Kill of those that poses a greater threat to you first and/or able to win them the mission. So that often means killing off the fast and brutal things first, which are the harlequins, warp spiders, and the howling banshees first. The you proceed to go on with killig the big and slow things that can shoot far, which in this case means Wraithlord. finally if the opportunity arise, just gun down whatever that is remaining.

However, always remember your mission and if possible just shoot when necessary.

For those objective capturing missions (2/3 of all your missions), kill those who are close to the objectives and can capture it, and if possible deny them the opportunity to get close to the objectives while capturing your own. That is the plain simple strategy that you can use.

If it comes to the Annihilation missions, well, kill the units that are perhaps the smallest in numbers with overwhelming firepower and markerlight illuminations to take away both their cover saves and also increase the BS of your units for that kill. Do the same for every enemy unit and try to protect your troops as much as possible. IF you follow this and you have extraordinary luck, you can actually win the game by killing just a single unit and not losing any one of your units.
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Default Re: How do you Handle Eldar? in particular eldrad

Thank you Crisisviper, i will give that a try in the future, by going for the warp spiders and harly's first then the wraith lords
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