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Gue'Vesa in 5th Ed
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Default Gue'Vesa in 5th Ed

I've really been considering using a squad or 3 of these in 5th. Not saying that I won't use Kroot now (they're too good in 5th NOT to use), but I've really been wanting to try Gue'vesa en masse and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do that.

They are more survivable with the cover save rules, they can pack EMP's for cheap and blow up tanks now that they're harder to kill in 5th, and they can jump in a Fire Warrior teams Devilfish and drop them somewhere to do the above or take an objective.

Again, not saying that Kroot and Fire Warriors aren't the way to go, they're amazing troops choices, but maybe in 5th its possible and maybe even beneficial to field the Tau's 3rd troop type.

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Default Re: Gue'Vesa in 5th Ed

For a Farsight Enclave list, the Gue'vasa are our only light troop choices other than FWs, and are basically IGs with the option of using EMP and carbines. I'd probably run them near vanilla to take and hold objectives close to the deployment zone, freeing up points and fish-mounted FWs to contest objectives further afield.

For an Aggro list, the gue are great for throwing at light transports, especially with the run rules making them move faster than before and possibly approach the frontlines through leap and bound. I'd keep them foot-slogging so that they are always able to assault when I need them to; Their guns aren't exactly worth devoting a fish to.

Though I'd really wish they'd let the gue carry more heavy weaponry. At the very least, give them the option to upgrade to a Seeker missile, grenade launcher or plasma rifle team. :P

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Is that penetration only for vehicles?
What else would you like to penetrate?
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Default Re: Gue'Vesa in 5th Ed

Well they can take a markerlight (at least the chapter approuved one can).

I sometimes field my gue'vesa team in my Tau list in friendly games and they usually perform well enough, since people tend to dismiss their lasgun as useless...so it give you a cheap scoring unit, that can take objective and with the grenade take care of tanks if needed and with the markerlight, paint vehicule. If you upgrade 2 with the pulse rifle or pulse carbine, you can potentially either hit from further or maybe get lucky and pin.
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Default Re: Gue'Vesa in 5th Ed

gue`vesa arent always great in mass, unless you can tailor them to roles. For instance, if I run 4 troops of them, I might do 2, 6-8 man teams with markerlight, and 2, 8-12 man squads for counter attack, or simply light infantry.

Tag team this with two fire warrior teams, and you have a solid support line, that makes any enemy want to come in. While in the same pace be able to outflank them with crisis/ stealthsuits etc..

They can be surprisingly ok against necron warriors in close combat, and they can stall even plague marines, if they are not suited for the task.

They can be a ok marine blitzer now, since close combat has changed a bit, allowing the little monsters to get their charges in. 25 attacks in a full man squad is not bad.
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Default Re: Gue'Vesa in 5th Ed

Meh... give me fire warriors any day of the week. hehe... ;D
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Default Re: Gue'Vesa in 5th Ed

while it is true fire warriors are technically better, army lists suited to crisis suits, and stealth suits would make the most out of the cheap gue`vesa. Likewise due to the cheapness of the gue`vesa they often get ignored, meaning a last ditch objective taker is possible.
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