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How do you use flamers with tau?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default How do you use flamers with tau?

As the heading suggested I would like to know how you use flamers without getting your suits killed in CC.
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Default Re: How do you use flamers with tau?

You really don't, unless there is some terrain you can jump behind.

That is why most people either don't use them or take them to save points.

-By Timjim
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Default Re: How do you use flamers with tau?

Yeah, honestly it's kind of suicidal but it can be supremely beneficial. If you wanna uproot a really tough unit or lay a lot of wounds into a unit quickly, flamers are a cheap and effective way to go. I've started using them recently and they've served me well.

As far as How I use them, I use them in conjunction with the positional relay to deepstrike them up into the enemies face early in the game. They usually end up drawing a lot of fire that would otherwise be directed at more expensive suits, like other crisis suits and tanks. The end result is that they've ended up wiping out nearly wiping out a unit and giving me a lot of leway to advance across the board. It's extremely helpfull for agressive Tau players.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: How do you use flamers with tau?

I'd only suggest using a flamer if you wanted to save points on a twin-linked suit, like a Deathrain (Twin-Linked Missile Pod), or a Burning Eye (Twin-Linked Plasma Rifles). This way you have a suicidal weapon in case the enemy gets too close to you, take a few of the bastards down with ya'!

They really have no tactical use other than "last chance to kill" sort of destructo-weapon.
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Default Re: How do you use flamers with tau?

So far as a last ditch weapon (already said) or as a way to finish off stragling troops that get too close for comfort.
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Default Re: How do you use flamers with tau?

i my experience flamers are best used by three suit teams and alot of cover. try to use that 6" in the assult phase to move closer, draw enemy fire if required, then torch a tough unit with minimal numbers. so you don't end up getting killed early on use Missile pods for their range strength and no. of potential hits. (don't sue me for not knowing the config name)

i make heavy use of shield generators with all my battlesuits as this gives them that extra chance to survive and deal damage.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: How do you use flamers with tau?

I monat crisis teams in smaller games around 1000 points equipped with Fusion Blaster and TL Flamer, costing only about 43 points they are cheap, but very threatening to most armies. Combined with positional relay on my HQ and pathfinder scatter re-roll, they can 75%+ of the time arrive in plac eto take out a heavy support choice such as a whirlwind or basilisk, and then spend the rest of the game taking out infantry squads / harrasing flanks / contesting objectives.

Awesome against guard, not only do you get to kill basilisks/demolisher/lemanruss, but alot of guard commanders hide their HQ's at the rear too, and they are good target for twin linked toasters.

The twin linking on the flamer means you get a re-roll to wound, which is very useful against marines and orks, and if you can JSJ over walls / area terrain they are going to have to difficult terrain to get to you which gives you chance of avoiding CC, remember you generally leave a nice crispy hulk of a vehicle to hide behind after your first engagement with this suit.
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Default Re: How do you use flamers with tau?

Check out the flamekin articicle. Focuses on Crisis suits with O'Shovah, but is still a good post.
Apart from that, the only real success I've had with a flamer is the 34 point TL Flamer/Blacksun Filter suits. Advance up, take little fire as your threat level is very small, then toast infantry for a turn.
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Default Re: How do you use flamers with tau?

i have used them on team leaders on my "specal" team, it is one guy with plas/missile multi tracker, one leader with plas/missle,flamer HW multi track it is fun ;D

(not shure if i named the right thing, the one that lest you shoot 2 wpns at once)
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Default Re: How do you use flamers with tau?

Personally my favorite configuration of this suit is Twinlinked Flamer and Missile Pod. For 43 points, you have a mobile missile pod capable to popping tanks as it either jumps into a position where enemy troops eventually have to go (Like an objective) or hop between terrain to engage. And once the opportunity presents itself, set the target on fire. It will always have a target of some degree, its cheap and relatively disposable. I see very little downsides to this and the fact that armies have gotten faster, so having a tool in which to make the opponent reconsider his actions is very nice.
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