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Hopefully Not A Dumb Question
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Hopefully Not A Dumb Question

I'm an old salt at Warhammer but have been out of it for about 6 years. I'm putting together a Tau army because apparently Games Workshop has singled me out in designing a new race with everything I could possibly want both tactically and aesthetically. I don't quite understand why they would do such a thing, but I can't help but be grateful for it.

My question is this: is Shadowsun unique in her ability to wield two of the same weapon? I am familiar with twin-linking but I'm talking about just having 2 seperate weapon systems of the same type. The codex says, "No model can carry three of the same weapon system." This leads me to think she is not unique in this particular quality though I'd still like some clarification. Could I, for example, set up an XV8 team with 2 missile pods and a multi tracker each? Giving me 4 missile pod shots every turn per unit? I realize that MT only allows the firing of 2 weapon systems so it wouldn't be particularly useful to carry around 3 weapons, maybe a flamer just because it's cool and practically free, but if possible I'm thinking about wielding 2 of something.


Edit: While I'm at it, if a Twin-linked weapon counts as 2 weapon systems (according to the codex) if I have a TL something and a something else, with a MT, can I fire the TL and the other thing in the same turn?
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Default Re: Hopefully Not A Dumb Question

Sorry, Shadowsun is unique.

The codex says (paraphraseing here), "Any model equiped with two of the same weapons counts those weapons as twin-linked."

It is above the suit armory.

But if you hard-wire a MT, you can fire the TL one and whatever else is on your suit.

-By Timjim
Originally Posted by Lord-General Thunder
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Default Re: Hopefully Not A Dumb Question

What Lord Solar said. Also, welcome back to the game and to the site
Originally Posted by leatherback
Imperial Armor Three: The Taros Campaign.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Hopefully Not A Dumb Question


Shadowsun is unique in her ability to dual-wield weapons, which makes her pretty awesome like that (however, just being Fusion Blasters it doesn't impress me too overtly much :P)

On the Twin Linking question, each Crisis Suit may only have 3 different "Hard Points", which are used up by weapon systems and non-hardwired equipment. Twin Linked weapons use up 2 Hard Points, but a single weapon system or support system only uses 1 each.

On the 2 different Missile Pod question, this is a no answer. You cannot buy two separate Missile Pod systems, only a Twin Linked version of the Missile Pod.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Hopefully Not A Dumb Question

Well that is unfortunate. Thanks for the quick replies. I was having visions of rapid firing 2 Plasma Rifles on my Shas'o with BS 5 at my roomate's Space Marines. I suppose TL rapid firing + something else isn't too bad either.
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