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Default I am a CONVERT

Ok well i havent had any intrest in tau for as long as they came out.

I perfered my DE, csm, ig, nids, and long long ago my eldar.

One of my friends just took a sudden intrest in the game while we were all spun and we really got into it so we diecided to start new armies 2gether.

He wanted tyranids (i told him about the new dex soon)

Now i was thinking orks for quite a while but tau suddenly sparked my intrest.

Anyways for the greater good wont be quite my army theme.

As to me tau are ........(dont wana start a fight)

But i'll play them like protoss.

Hm just got stuck between ideas...... eldar or tau?

ok......... i'll get back to u
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Default Re: I am a CONVERT

sure but Tau are NOT like protos (okay, they're both blue but so what), they don't even have power weapons. The Tau are good because they're simple, cheap and are (in my opinion) the best ranged team in the game. Just try and kill them before they can get close to you.
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