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The Stealth Tanks
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Default The Stealth Tanks

Nope honey, I did not make the Hammerhead disappear. I was thinking about using suits with shields to block LOS and give a cover save to other suits caught out in the open, when I found that a Stealth trio with an SG cost 1 point less each than an Crisis'ui with TL flamers and an SG, and are comparatively harder to hit in the first place.

Another advantage is that you can make the Stealth team up to 6 even 8 bodies, allowing you to form a defensive line able to cover more units.

Am I onto to something, or am I just blowing 300 pts off for nothing? :P

Hail to the God-Emperor, Baby!

Originally Posted by Jedibean
Originally Posted by Khathecleric
My love runs her Sisters with melta, so it does get rather hot for my suits when she's around. :P
I just gotta comment that I LOVE all the inuendo in this statement right here... hehe
Originally Posted by GyrfalconXV25
Originally Posted by Watchdog
Originally Posted by GyrfalconXV25
Is that penetration only for vehicles?
What else would you like to penetrate?
Sisters of battle for starters.....
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Default Re: The Stealth Tanks

We were having a discussion about this somewhere else. It seems to work, but it doesn't seem to be superior to using Fire Warriors or Kroot for the same thing. The Stealthsuits aren't going to be in range, and if they are in range they aren't normally invisible. They are not going to be able to block LOS fully in most cases, so the best they can do should be a cover save.

They can do the "sliding door" routine to give the unit behind them a clear LOS, but so can Gun Drones.
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