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another what to buy next...
Old 10 Aug 2008, 12:55   #1 (permalink)
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Default another what to buy next...

ok, i am going for 1500+ points, i have 24 fire warriors, 15 kroot, 1 shaper, 2 hounds, 1 commander, 2 suits, 6 stealths, 1 broadside, and 1 devilfish i am proxying as a hammerhead

i will be getting another box of fire warriors and converting them into pathfinders
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Default Re: another what to buy next...

2-3 piranhas and more crisis suits
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Default Re: another what to buy next...

Yes Piranhas for the Fast attack is usefull

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Default Re: another what to buy next...

Another devil fish and a hammerhead.

Now all your firewarriors can get around in style and capture objectives late in the game (give one of these devil fish to your pathfinders then pick up your firewarriors.)
You no longer have to proxy your devilfish as a hammerhead
You'll have a great capture\control force.

Capture force: firewariors in devilfish, hammerhead, all suits.
The suits deepstrike (guided on target via the pathfinders devil fish marker beacon) and secure a zone near your enemys deployment zone. Then your fire warriors supported by your hammerhead zoom forward on a flank and rapid fire anyone that's left, then capture the objective(s)

Control force:Kroot, broadside, pathfinders
These guys essencially hold onto the objective(s) (in cover if possible) and blast, light up or counter charge key enemy units.
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Old 11 Aug 2008, 07:25   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: another what to buy next...

I'd be tempted to bolster your kroot with another box and some more hounds so you have 2 nasty infiltrating flanking units to give you some more flexibility.

And your new firewarriors I would convert into 2 pathfinder squads and add another devilfish.

So your final army would look something like this;

Commander - AFP, Plasma, Tgt Array, Multi Tracker
Commander - CIB, Plasma, Tgt Array, Multi Tracker

3 x Stealth
3 x Stealth
Crisis Monat TL Missile Pods, Positional Relay

12 Firewarriors
12 Firewarriors
16 Kroot + 8 Hounds
16 Kroot + 8 Hounds

6 Pathfinders + Devilfish
6 Pathfinders + Devilfish

Broadside Suit with ASS

And after writing this I thinking Railhead (get the skyray box for the 3 in 1 tank box)
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Default Re: another what to buy next...

get another broadside; they work alot better in twos in my experience.
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