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What should I get next?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default What should I get next?

Hey everyone,

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not. Anyways, I am getting some more Tau Models to expand by army. I currently have 24 firewarriors. I am getting a Commander but I am not sure what else to get with it.

I was thinking of getting a Devilfish or a Hammerhead but I am not sure. I have also heard people saying to get pathfinders and a devilfish. If anyone could help out a beginner that would be great.

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Default Re: What should I get next?

How many points are you looking for? 500? 1000? or 1500?

As it stands now with your 24 Fire warirors and after your commander, I woyld go for more Fire warirors (12) since now troops are the only scoring unit, maybe 2 or 3 crisis suit, some pathfinders/devilfish could be good too and maybe a broadside or two.

This should give you something well rounded as a core.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: What should I get next?

I would suggest Pirahna's, to give yourself some more flexibility, you essentially get a drone squad and a unit of fast tank hunting skimmers. They will nicely fit into a 500 point force which is about what you will have with;

4 x 6 Firewarriors
1 Commander
2-3 Pirahna's

This could potentially let you field 8 (+3 more for the pirahna drones) units in a 500 point game. Thats going to give your opponent a headache when it comes to claiming and contesting objectives.

Plus they look cool, can carry seeker missiles giving you yet another layer of Anti-Tank support guided by marker drone on your commander, or by markerlights on your firewarriors.
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Default Re: What should I get next?

Currently you have no strong AT, so I would suggest either a Crisis suit team armed with fusion blasters or a Broadside team, depending on how you play.
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Default Re: What should I get next?

get a Crisis Commander and 2 crisis battlesuits for a body gaurd for him, which i would give atleast one FB and some PRs for heavy inf/tank hunting etc
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Default Re: What should I get next?

I would say get maybe devilish hammerhead and a piranha if you want an army with an insane amount of tanks in it. Devilfish can help you take objectives easily. Piranhas also can be antitank. I would say get devilfish if you have to face many fast assault armies. I mean you should start off with small games. So you can see what works for you. Example not buying 9 crisis battlesuits and finding out you hate them after spending hours painting them can be frustrating. Also static firewarriors die easily and if a heavy bolter gets sent at them its not good. Devilfish are also good at making sure you can avoid assult which your fire warriors will get owned in and then run off the table.
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Default Re: What should I get next?

As much as I love Piranhas (which is a lot) I'd really strongly advise against them as the next thing to add to such a small force. Unless you really, really, really like the model. I do, and as such I've always tried to fit them into army lists, but very rarely have they made their points back. In an anti-tank role, which IMHO they're best at, they're all or nothing. You get one melta shot and if that doesn't take out the tank you can pretty much kiss your piranha goodbye. So you really need that rear armor shot, and if that rear armor is better than ten your chances of taking it out really aren't great. Giving it two Seeker Missles, moving it 24" and launching those missiles thanks to marker hits from somewhere else is a nice trick, but it's just that - a trick. It can work, but don't rely on it.

Your next thing really should be a commander (as without it you don't have a legal force) which you've mentioned you're getting, after that I'd say pick up a Hammerhead, but in the form of the Skyray kit. With that you can make a devilfish, a hammerhead, and/or a skyray, just don't glue the key bits on. That way you can try out the widest variety of stuff and build a wide variety as well - the skyray is pretty much the best value out of all the Tau kits. After that think about some Pathfinders. One can never have too many markerlights, especially in fifth edition.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: What should I get next?

Yeah I had forgotten the Skyray box had three tanks in one, just buy that you can try everything out and tailor your army to your tastes, though i still think pirahnas are very usefull in smaller forces.

Markerlights, well I suppose you have to learn to use them sometimes, but if you are new to 40K and Tau, I would give them a miss on your next purchase, they will bog down your games quite a bit with rule searching. But once you go for 1000 points include them.
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Default Re: What should I get next?

As Animist said, the Sky-Ray box is an invaluable buy. You get all the bitz necessary to build a Devilfish (with SMS!), Hammerhead, or Sky-Ray.

The extra bitz are quite invaluable, in my opinion. Especially if you're into equipping Seeker Missiles to your other tanks (Hammerhead or Devilfish), as the box gives you 6 from the Sky-Ray sprue.

Plus, more bitz = more conversions = FUN!
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Default Re: What should I get next?

i was in the same position and chose to take a hammerhead. it added some firepower and i always liked the look of a bunch of firewarriors crowded around a tank.
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