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Offensive broadsides?
Old 06 Aug 2008, 05:22   #1 (permalink)
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Default Offensive broadsides?

So I got this wacky idea in my head. I wanna take a couple of units of broadsides and give them A.S.S. and give them twin linked plasma rifles instead of s.m.s. and see how good of a job they do marching straight down my opponents throats. If I keep my fire warriors behind them then they'll get a 4+ cover save when shot at and they can provide anti-swarm support. Y'know this could possibly even work with them if they're armed with SMS too. Has anyone tried this? You'd need a couple of units to guarantee survivability but it sounds fun. I dont think anyone would expect it either.
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Default Re: Offensive broadsides?

I've never seen it done, but I think not being toughness 5 means you're going to be at least losing two models a turn due to all the plasma and stuff getting thrown at them.

Also, you're going to be wasting a lot of rail gun shots on immediate assault threats, pretty much allowing enemy armor to run a muck on you.

would be funny to see happen though.
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Default Re: Offensive broadsides?

They'd be good at taking on single units at a time but I wouldnt march them directly into harms way. Unlessss they had drones. But then you couldnt Multi-Track the Railgun w the Plasma and thats too good to pass up.

I'd use them for counter-offensive, hold them back til the enemy got too close, then unleash a Rapid fire Plasma and a TL Railgun, would break most units or at least take the teeth out of them.

Thats a new idea, Close-Range Broadsides...
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Default Re: Offensive broadsides?

I take a BS monat leader with ASS, TLPRs and a HWMT. 6" walking cannon baby! >

Hail to the God-Emperor, Baby!

Originally Posted by Jedibean
Originally Posted by Khathecleric
My love runs her Sisters with melta, so it does get rather hot for my suits when she's around. :P
I just gotta comment that I LOVE all the inuendo in this statement right here... hehe
Originally Posted by GyrfalconXV25
Originally Posted by Watchdog
Originally Posted by GyrfalconXV25
Is that penetration only for vehicles?
What else would you like to penetrate?
Sisters of battle for starters.....
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Old 06 Aug 2008, 06:44   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Offensive broadsides?

I like the idea because it keeps them far from the edges, were outflankers tend to show up.

The downside is you're probably walking towards something that's running towards you.
Originally Posted by Col.Angus
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Old 06 Aug 2008, 07:38   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Offensive broadsides?

I think you would be better off trying this with railheads.
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Default Re: Offensive broadsides?

But railheads are equally bad when it comes to close up enemies ignoring the disruption pod.

The broadside idea has merit, but don't do it if its just strolling out of cover and into every lascannon on the field.
However, if theres a squad of termies that are probably just out of range, thinking that they'll be safe from the plasma for a turn; feel free to move forward and kill them, provided you're still out of the aforementioned lascannons.
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Old 06 Aug 2008, 11:43   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Offensive broadsides?

Yeah A.S.S is usually the way to go, I find it always proves it's effectiveness by repositioning your broadsides without losing the ability firing your railgun. But advancing down the field is kind of suicidal in my opinion. Depends on what your versing how many suits you have, and your opponents weaponry.
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Old 06 Aug 2008, 11:57   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Offensive broadsides?

There is a reason this hasn't been done already. Can you guess why?

OK, you are T4 so every St 8 or higher weapons will melt you if you fail your save (mostly you won't get one I'll wager).

You are I3 so every I4 psuedo character with a powerweapon will slice you in half before you get a single stomp.

You are basically talking about walking around 160 points into certain death. Not just any points, but a heavy slot worth of points that probably represent your best possible anti vehicle abilities wiht insane range and guns just strolling into melta range for no apparent reason.

BTW, you don't need A.S.S. to walk and shoot the plasmas. And if this is all you really want to giggle about, then buy a pair of regular suits for 50Pts, and put a target array and TL plasmas on them and just start moving forward. Same effect at half the cost.

While your at it, also try my favorite suit load out of twin linked flamers and targeting array; this will give you minutes of enjoyment nearly as daring as the offensive broadside

Also, P.S.: The broadside is offensive enough with those big cannons on the shoulders. Don't believe me? Ask any opponant that has eaten St10 AP1 shot from it...

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Old 06 Aug 2008, 14:24   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Offensive broadsides?

This reminds me of a CoD game in which broadsides started crawling out of the sewers. Can one fold up a rail gun for easier transport .

But in real game, with such ridiculous range, I wouldn't feel the need to march them up. (Although for a time I did run MT SMS on them with shield drones for pure dakka fun. Strangely, they survived that battle)
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