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Killing Some eldar
Old 06 Aug 2008, 02:24   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Killing Some eldar

well I'm facing an eldar player soon and he's pretty pro.

he has lots of falcons and wave serpents,
packed with fire dragons ,dire avengers and a tiny amount of guardians

for hq he has some mages , no big monsters or gunners

how do I beat him?

I have r'ymr ,5 stealths ,2 fire warrior squads , 2 devil fish , and 2 x 8 firewarriors ( mech infantry)

how should I play this out ?
do you guys need more info ?

please help I want to at least give him a good battle ,don't much care to win ... I just don't want to be owned
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Default Re: Killing Some eldar

am i missing something or do you have no heavy support?
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Old 06 Aug 2008, 03:19   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 86
Default Re: Killing Some eldar

Originally Posted by fiercegoldfish
am i missing something or do you have no heavy support?
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Old 06 Aug 2008, 04:12   #4 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: Killing Some eldar


Well, from the size of your army it looks like you've only got a 750-800 point game at the most going, but first let me see if I have this right.

40 Fire Warriors
2 Devilfish
1 Broadside

Do you have any other models? Because honestly, just with this you are going to have massive troubles with Eldar. One of the great things about the new edition is that if you score a penetrating hit, either you have no modifiers or it's ignored by a vehicle cover save.

So, if we're trying to make something effective out of what we've got, I have to ask first, do you use R'myr as himself, or do you use him as a proxy HQ? If you use him as a special character, I'd suggest proxying a couple of games with him as a Shas'El with Plasma Rifle and Missile Pod (targeting array, Hard Wired Multi-Tracker). This will be almost all of your anti-tank, excluding the Broadside, which will be useful. The Broadside needs to be targeting the vehicles, and with the high strength of the weapons and their extra anti-armour abilities, it'll make quick work of the enemy vehicles. The Fire Warriors have two options which are equally good, making a Firebase of the larger squads and then using the smaller squads in your Devilfishies so as to have a good counter-firing unit.

Here's what I think the list should look look like, and I'll just about estimate the enemy list.

Shas'El- 97
Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Targeting Array (Hard Wired Multi-Tracker)

12 Fire Warriors-135
Team Leader, Bonded

12 Fire Warriors-135
Team Leader, Bonded

8 Fire Warriors-175
Devilfish, Disruption Pod

8 Fire Warriors-175
Devilfish, Disruption Pod

1 Broadside-80
Targeting Array


So you're just in for an 800 point game, and the Fire Warriors are incredibly tricky to use...
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Default Re: Killing Some eldar

Well, if Lonely Tau's assessment is accurate (and they usually are ) I see one problem right off the bat: Shas'O R'myr is a special character, and as such (at least according to the most recent "experimental" rules on the FW site) he's only useable in games of 1,500 points and higher. So yeah, like he said you're gonna want other/more stuff 'cause what you have isn't much against Eldar.

So if you can add more, I'd suggest a Railhead and an Ionhead. The Broadside might do well against the Falcons, but sadly not so against the Wave Serpents. The energy fields on that thing are a pain, and if he's pro as you say he'll keep the backs of the Wave Serpents away from you - I once had an Eldar play kinda side shuffle a pair of Wave Serpents down the short edge of the board to prevent me from getting shots at their rears. Irritating to say the least. If he gives you the opportunity deep strike your stealths behind the Wave Serpents and Fusion them - the energy shields won't do any good there. Don't focus too much on destroying his armor - if you can keep the Falcons shaken or stunned they'll be much less of a pain. Guardians die in droves when subjected to pulse rifle fire, and the Railhead submunition will nicely turf the Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons. When I face Eldar I pretty much exclusively use submunition, and it does it's job real well. Deathrain crisis suits also come into their own against Eldar, and along with the Ionhead they're great for taking out their lighter armor, or just the higher value targets. Piranhas with Fusion Blasters and a pair of seekers aren't bad either, though it invariably turns into a game of cat-and-mouse with fast skimmers. I'd wager that a skyray with pathfinder support could do well, though I've never tried it.

But if you can't get your hands on any of that kit and have to go up against him with just what you've laid out here, I'd say protect your broadside, keep his armor shaken or better yet stunned, and go after his infantry. Eldar can hit hard but they're oh so fragile, and they really don't hold up well to Tau firepower.
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Default Re: Killing Some eldar

Who or what is "R'myr"? Is it like the Tau name for Shadowsun or something?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Killing Some eldar

O'Rymr was a special Tau Commander made by Forge World in their series Imperial Armor 3 the Taros Campaign. Forge World makes certain special models for Warhammer40k that aren't the typical ones in the codex. They have permission from Games Workshop to do that. I remember that O'Rymr had some nice ridiculous abilities but at the moment I don't remember his exact abilities.
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Default Re: Killing Some eldar

O'R'myr is indeed now a Special Character, thus requiring 1500 point army min.

He is an odd one, with a special issue plasma rifle, ejection system, flechette dicharger and drone controller.

honestly I don't know what the whole thing is about...he really doesn't appeal to me...but that's just me.
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Default Re: Killing Some eldar

In other news, the Eldar player will not be able to field all of his army against you seeing as your point value for the list is about 800, on average a wave serpent runs someone around 120-150pts depending on equiptment and the fire dragons as well cost a pretty penny for what you get.
O'R'Myr is the HQ with flechette discharger built onto his suit and has an assault 2 Plasma Gun. Also, his Shield Generator gives him a 3+ invul in CC. Not only that but the model is awsome.
You should consider upgrading your Broadside to have a plasma gun on it, I've found that for 10 more points your broadsides can really pull their wieght if MEQ units start to bear down on them instead of just firing that 1 str10 shot into a unit you can get off 2 str6 before an assault hits them.
If you are playing a Capture and Control or Sieze Ground your eldar friend will probably be hurting to control the objectives since it doesn't sound like he is running many troops.
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