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Target Prioritizing for the Tau
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Target Prioritizing for the Tau

So, I'm extremely new to the Tau (My Battleforce box arrives on Wednesday!!) and I'm still trying to get a feel for how the Tau play.

I'm asking you more experienced players for how you prioritize your firing?

So far the only thing I've really picked up is fire at what can assault first, then fire at the next nearest target??

All advice and comments are welcomed!
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Default Re: Target Prioritizing for the Tau

Anything fast moving such as jet pack infantry and vehicles. I tend to focus a lot of attention on things that have ordnance rounds on them as well. I'm also very concerned with any fast moving Monstrous Creatures.

Pretty much I shoot anything that can move over 6 inches a turn and work on vehicles with ordnance.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Target Prioritizing for the Tau

You must avoid assault at all cost, if you can; then fire first the fastest assault unit and go on; but don't forget the other units, focus the fire, kill and engage other unit; move fast when the enemy is so close and repeat.
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Default Re: Target Prioritizing for the Tau

Advice # 1) 1 Shoot monstrous creatures with wings, 2 shoot fast units regardless if they are suited for assault or not (any unit in CC with Tau is a big no no, this includes transports, jump packs, infiltrators, bikes anything that can be in assault by turn 2 or 3), 3 shoot units with AP4 and lots of shots and anything that best kills your army (and example would be heavy bolters or whirlwinds against an army that includes lots of fire warriors, shoot vindicators, watch out for lascannons if you have a lot of suits).
#2) Give all your suits in a squad weapons to enage a paticular type of units (plasma + fusion + markerlights = dead termies).
#3) Adapt.
#4) Bodies before upgrades. More units the better.
#5) Smaller squads good at holding objectives, bigger squads better at surviving.
#6) Kill units with meltas. I swear they are the bane of Tau in 5th edition. They usuily are AP 1 and kill vehicles with ease. They also kill suits. If your opponet is smart watch out for his fast assault squads which most likely will include melta weapons.
#7) Know your enemy their armies strengths and weakness and their personality (so you can predict what they do and you can better fight them). Find their weakness and capitilize.
#8) Think before you shoot. This is key, especially for starters who may get too exicted and shoot before they move the rest of thier army, which could be fatal! With Tau think like a guerilla fighter and less like you are gun crazy. Tau are all about focusing their fire power and less about charging and shooting everything that moves. In a lot of games you can be outgunned. Strike quickly and descivily. Play your game not theirs. Those that win will usuily do it on their terms.
#9) Don't be cocky.
#10) Don't use a playbook play by play, just use it for ideas.
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Default Re: Target Prioritizing for the Tau

Here's an interesting thing to consider with Tau regarding their firepower. The tau are a unique army in that they have a great deal of high strength firewpower, but the way that this fire power must be applied in order to be successful is not like most other armies. Here's a couple of factors that are going for and against us in terms of firepower and how it is applied...

1) Most weapons are S5
2) Lots of rapid fire and assault 3 weapons
3) Unique marker lights to increase ballistic skill for any unit
5) Good range and mobility on most units.

1) Medium to small unit size
2) Depending on upgrades (support systems or transports) you wont have too many units on the table at a given time
3) Very average toughness/armor across the board.
4) Almost completely dependent on shooting to guarantee enemy unit destruction.
5) Low AP on most weapons.

So what you end up with is a small number of units that are laying down a huge volume of high strength/low AP fire power. Also, even though you may not have as many units on the table as your opponent, you'll be able to maneuver your army to where you need them to be at most points, provided they haven't been eliminated.

What this means is that for a lot of armies you'll play against you'll want to make sure that you're coordinating your fire each turn to wipe out one unit, then take advantage of your mobility to move on to the next. An important part of this tactic is either stalling or outmaneuvering your opponent to the point where you can apply your fire power to the most important targets first and then work your way down.

Generally speaking I find it best to gun down fast assault units first, followed by enemy heavy weapons (including vehicles) and then enemy troops depending on the scenario and depending on how much of a factor they are regarding victory conditions.

I hope this helps. Just some food for thought. When I first started playing Tau I didn't get that even though they have a lot of high strength weapons, their relatively low numbers against some armies and their low AP value against other armies can put you at a huge disadvantage unless you can coordinate between units.
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