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how to arm a crisis suit
View Poll Results: what guns should i use to arm my second body-guard of a shas-o?
missile pod and flamer 2 16.67%
plasma rifle and flamer 1 8.33%
missile pod and plasma rifle 7 58.33%
missile pod and fusion blaster 0 0%
plasma rifle and fusion blaster 2 16.67%
Voters: 12. You may not vote on this poll

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Default how to arm a crisis suit

he (the shas-o) has a cyclic ion blaster, missile pod, hardwired multi-tracker, and shield generater and the other guard has a burst cannon and fusion blaster and multi-tracker.
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Default Re: how to arm a crisis suit

Mmm, well I'm not too sure about your weapon configuration for your HQ and his bodyguard...the range are too disparate that he's really selling himself short.

Your HQ effective range is 18" (IIRC) with the possibility of 1 weapon going 36" (which is not so bad)
your body guard effective range is 12" with 1 weapon going 18" (not as good)

Now personally for your second bodyguard, I would presonally be more incline to gove him 2 configuration which is not on your list of the poll:
Deathrain: Twin-linked missile pod with targeting array or;
Firestorm: Burst cannon, missile pod and multi-tracker.

Both these configuration would work better with your HQ since they will have the same effective and max range, thus pumping maximum firepower at 18" and a descent amount up to 36".

From your list what I would recommand is that both bodyguard be made Helios-6:
TL Plasma rifle, Fusion blaster and HW multitracker.

This way your will be more effective at 12" (3 shot each with rerolls), helpful up to 24".
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Default Re: how to arm a crisis suit

I would say considering your 'O's configuration both your bodyguards should be Firestorms, as they'll complement the 'O well with similar weapons.
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Default Re: how to arm a crisis suit

I prefer versatility in my HQ so that they can support units that need it and give accurate anti-elite shooting. I like the Fireknife config for my HQ and his bodyguards. I also give them hardwired multi-trackers and a targetting array so that the whole unit will hit on 3's. It's pretty effective.
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