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Wound Allocation from Shooting: What it Means to the Tau
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Default Wound Allocation from Shooting: What it Means to the Tau

In the main 40K board, I posted an FAQ that helps explain the intricacies of the new wound allocation system from shooting. Here, I offer some conclusions about what it means for the Tau.


Conclusion: What does this mean for the Tau?

This helps us out greatly. It is now possible to kill high-profile targets - like special weapons, or squad leaders - without chewing through rest of the squad first. However, there could be problems with mixing high-volume weapons with low-AP weapons (I'm looking at you, Firestorm!): give the enemy too many high-AP wounds, and he can easily perform the trick I explained above - put all of the low-AP shots on a useless individual.

We're in great shape here, too. Our Fire Warrior teams don't carry heavy weapons - they're very homogenous. Granted, our Shas'ui can now be called upon to take a save all by themselves, but 4th edition's Torrent of Fire put them in the exact same position (assuming that the squad doesn't take twice as many wounds as it has models). Unfortunately, these rules hurt the Vespid - if you run them in smaller squad sizes, there's a good chance that the Strain Leader will have to take a save. 'Course, given their fragility, they probably aren't getting saves anyway! :P

As for our heavy hitters: diversity is our friend. XV8 teams composed of unique Crisis Suits are effectively "compartmentalized", each taking their saving throws independent of another. This is good because two unsaved wounds on two identical Crisis Suits results in one dead suit, not two suits at half life.

This didn't occur to me at first glance, but our stealth suits can also benefit from compartmentalization. Check out this unit:

Elite: 3 Stealths (175 Pts)
- [2 Stealths with Burst Cannons]
- [Teamleader; Markerlight, HW Multitracker; HWDC + 2 Marker Drones, Bonding Knife]

We have three batches of models here: one teamleader, two marker drones, and two burst cannon stealths. For a few points, we could have four batches:

Elite: 3 Stealths (178 Pts)
- [Stealth with Burst Cannon; DC + 1 Marker Drones]
- [Stealth with Burst Cannon; Blacksun Filter]
- [Teamleader; Markerlight, HW Multitracker; DC + 1 Marker Drones, Bonding Knife]

Not only that, but not all of your drone-eggs are in one basket. One of the DC units could go down, and not take both drones with him.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think, and... good hunting!
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