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starting tau??
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Default starting tau??

hi, umm, i currently have an eldar army, and im looking for something little more "to my likeing" and tau have deffinetly gotten my attention more then once, anyhoo, im just wondering weather or not tau are worth getting, anybody could tell me just basic stuff bout tau?? would be very nice,

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Default Re: starting tau??

This is the Tau board, we're not exactly going to tell you Tau are worthless. As for general, basic stuff searches work beautifully for the job, plus the stickies are very nice and have lots of information. The information is all here if you look for it, and if you need something specific ask, but there are some nice introduction to Tau threads, here's a good one from the Important Topics sticky:

Starting a Tau Empire Army

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Default Re: starting tau??

Just to give you a basic overview of the Tau, they're a finesse army like Eldar except possibly even more so. The Tau have a lot of high strength shooting at average ballistic skill so they have to depend on markerlights to guarantee more hits. Tau also have some of the best anti-vehicular weaponry in the game so dealing with vehicle based armies can be fairly easy for the Tau. The assault phase is generally not your friend. The only moving you really wanna do in the assault phase is to have your crisis suits and stealth suits making their additional jetpack move. Tau can have some problems against marines and necrons because the Tau dont have a wide variety of weaponry that's truly effective for dealing with 3+ saves.

I LOVE playing as Tau in 40k though. If you wanna play a new army the Tau are just as good as any for the most part. If you need any more tips I'm sure it'll be easy to find it on this board. Hope any of this info helps. Good luck sir.
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