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stealth suits?................??
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Kroot Warrior
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Default stealth suits?................??

What are the stealth suits for? I can't seem to get them to do anything else other than spectacular cannon fodder.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: stealth suits?................??

I use my stealth suits to infiltrate in near terrain cover points, or to outflank the enemy. 6 suits with burst cannons... Move them up, fire 18" for a salvo of 18 shots. Usually I seem to get about 8-10 wounds depending on how my dice are doing. Enemy is bound to fail a few... jet pack back the 6" and remain 24" away from the enemy.

Always jump into cover or out of line of sight completely.
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Default Re: stealth suits?................??

...and to really get them become fun, I use a little homemade formation that I called the stealth cloud of doom, two full units all equiped with drone controllers and a pair of gun drones each, for a total of 12 attack drones per units. Pick the right target, use markerlight hits to boost BS and/or lower ennemy cover and let it rip. 18 burst cannon shots + 12 twin-linked pinning pulse carbine, that's a total of 30 S5 AP5, 60 combined. Good markerlight management cant help that combo become a real killer. Really good against those pesky swarm armies like Orks and Tyranids, and there's nothing as satisfying as seeing those imperial guards drop like flies.
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Default Re: stealth suits?................??

Well said Lawlcat!

Indeed, stealth suits are indeed the cat's meow when it comes to harassment of enemy flanks. But not only are they good for poping off foot soilders, now we can equip a few suits with Fusion Guns and make them tank hunters.

However, if you are strapped for points, a squad of 6 suits with Burst Cannons will usually make a mess against rear armour 10 of most enemy tanks and walkers! Food for thought.


That's brutal! Also a mad target for the opponent to get rid of in a hurry (I wonder why)
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Default Re: stealth suits?................??

Indeed, while Stealthsuits aren't a frontline juggernaught by design they are excellent for harrasing flanks, covering said flanks and acting as a mobile harrasment unit.

They also work really well in tandem with seeker missiles, Sniper Drones and Skyrays (or anything with an SMS) to create an overall very difficult to target army. The Stealth Fields and non-line of sight needing targets combines for a nasty combo that most opponents will never have encountered before and is great for throwing opponents off guard. Plus most people I face tend to underestimate stealthsuits making it pretty easy to get them around behind an opponent for nice tasty rear armor shots like Aunny mentioned.

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Default Re: stealth suits?................??

I completely agree, Stealth Suits are an awesome unit, though I usually only field 3-4, taking the "harassment"-factor to the max. Larger unit, especially with Drones, make hiding much more difficult - the footprint is just too big imo. Yet they fare excellently, and actually survive most encounters.


Ps: Aunny is back, as well! Wheee!
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: stealth suits?................??

Stealth suits can make an amazing start to a game.
Whether it be by markerlight or fusion blaster.
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Default Re: stealth suits?................??

Yes stealth suits are masters of flank harrsment. I either infiltrate them close in (for agressive attacks) or deepstrike far enough away so my oppenent doesn't think they're a threat. I found my preferred squad is 4 stealth members and a team leader with a markerlight, a fusion blaster, and a hardwired target lock. If he's not blasting tanks he's fireing his markerlight and lighting up choice units or lauching a seeker missile.
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Default Re: stealth suits?................??

Originally Posted by Hamata
What are the stealth suits for? I can't seem to get them to do anything else other than spectacular cannon fodder.
Look here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=33274

I hope you can find something useful.
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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Default Re: stealth suits?................??

And very good at killing 1 Assault marine in CC...ok that might just be my 3 stealth suits.

I never leave home without them and I always give my Shas'vre a markerlight...even in 4th ed, but now with 5th it,s even better with the relentless rule.

To be truly effective Steath, much capitalize on the JSJ tactic -as mentionned earlier- Jump within 18"; let all Hell break loose; Jump bakc to 24" or behind cover.

Furthermore, keep in ming that anything beyond 21" is statistically unlikely to be able to hit you, so at 24" most people won't bother trying shooting at you.

Ps: 21" is the Statistical average of Night fighting vision range.
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