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How has 5th edition changed your cadre?
Old 31 Jul 2008, 19:20   #1 (permalink)
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Default How has 5th edition changed your cadre?

5th edition has been out for a little bit now, and we've probably all gotten a game or two under our belt. I want to ask the forum members how the metagame has changed in their area, and how this has affected their armies.

To begin, a few questions:

Have you seen a rise in Troop choices? Has this been effective in winning the game, or is the surge just the result of people overreacting? Will 4+ troop choices become the norm, or will we see it stabilize at a lower value?

Have you found markerlights to be more advantageous? Do they survive longer?

Are Stealth Suits now more desirable than Crisis Suits?

Do you even have the space to bring Crisis Suits?

And finally, how have your HQ choices changed?
Originally Posted by Col.Angus
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Default Re: How has 5th edition changed your cadre?

I know what all the current Tau players think of the venerable (vulnerable) shield drone, but 5th edition has me losing a few points here or there in order to gain more shield drones. I loved Path finders and markerlights before, but now I find my blood sings everytime I get to use them. I might even drop shields for lights as time goes on.

Secondly, where I was prone to drop lights in favor of gun volume, I have found that lights are like air. If I didn't bring the lights, I might as well leave the air outside of my lungs.
So what you are saying is that your Ground Cadre has lots of Air Support?

No. What I am saying is that my Air Support has lots of Ground Cadre.

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Default Re: How has 5th edition changed your cadre?

The biggest change in my list is I always (rather than occasionally) have two pathfinder squads, and I never (rather than rarely) attach a devilfish to my fire warriors. Also, I'm using stealth suits more often, thanks to their outflank and mobile markerlights. And more kroot because troops are more important, and a large outflanking chicken-squad can do an awful lot of damage in the round they arrive. OK, they usually get scared back off the field in my opponents turn, but they're cheaper than the damage they usually do. They took out 2 of 3 Sentinels in my last Apocalypse before the Grey Knights chopped them up.

Oh, almost forgot: the dust that has been collecting on my hammerhead railguns seems to be transferring to the ion cannon since I don't have to worry about rolling a 1 when I try a railgun pancake. I still don't think I've rolled below a 10 on the scatter, but at least it lands SOMEWHERE!
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Old 01 Aug 2008, 03:05   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: How has 5th edition changed your cadre?

I'm always fielding pathfinders now, mostly since i can use the pathfinder's DF for the firewarriors. Shield drones are sitting in my case now.
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Default Re: How has 5th edition changed your cadre?

The biggest changes that 5th Ed. has made to my army is that I always use 36ish FWs, my Broadsides now have Targeting Arrays, I use five man PF teams and my HQ now packs a SG or SD. Also playing more objective based games (although my first 5th Ed. game was Dawn of War against Grey Knights while I went second... that wasn't a very good example of Tau in 5th) spiced up the usually meat grinder missions. At least then the enemy has to hold back some of his forces..
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: How has 5th edition changed your cadre?

Changes for me.....


Always deep strikes and/or held in reserve

Still don't use ethereal


No crisis suits unless game is 2000+pts

Small stealth teams equipped with marker lights and/or marker drones. The drones now have stealth fields, can JSJ, and infiltrate. You can field 4.66 marker light drones for the same price as a 4 man pathfinder team


10x2-3 FoF in 2000pt battles and under. Above I use massive static fire base

Kroot: Only use 2000+ pt battle. Same with hounds. Never use shaper or krootox

Fast Attack:

Vespid never use

Pathfinder never use

Pirahna Always take 3 teams


Broadsides never use

Snipers never use

Hammerhead always take

Skyray use 2000pts and under
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Old 01 Aug 2008, 08:06   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: How has 5th edition changed your cadre?

My armies the same. Its not gonna change, I love it too much.
The topic "No I won't and you're not going to make me" sums my thoughts up, though my armies not one of the armies mentioned, just a deadly efficient combination of arms.
The only major change that I can see changing Tau is True LoS, but I've always used it, never the level one, two and three system.
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Default Re: How has 5th edition changed your cadre?

I have found myself highly considering converting some gun drones into Marker Drones for use with my Battlesuits, Stealth or otherwise, due to "relentless" rule. I have also found my firewarriors are much better because they can kite enemy melee units around that are trying to kill them. Despite how goofy that sounds, it happens often because I play with a bunch of barbarians who are(in my opinion) to scared to get a shooty army(they have a khorne demon army, orks speed freakz, tyranids etc. Not one shooty army. Save me!).
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Default Re: How has 5th edition changed your cadre?

"How has fifth edition changed your cadre?"

Its shelved it, pretty much :

Nah, in all seriousness, I need to work through it. I know have to make a choice, sadly between the fluffy cadre and something that will perform well on the field. Needs lots to look at, but it will probably lean more Hyrbid:Static than the Hybrid:Mech it has been.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: How has 5th edition changed your cadre?

i forgot to mention in a 2000pts game i'm bringing 51 fire warriors
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