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line of sight or cool
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Kroot Shaper
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Default line of sight or cool

im making some more crises suits and was thinking of doing them really cool on big rocky basses, the only think is if i do then everyman and there dog will be able to see them

should i do them line of sight friendly or cool looking?
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Default Re: line of sight or cool

How about both? You can always have them with one leg up on a rock, or crouched on a rock, or jumping sideways, anything that keeps their overall profile no higher than before but incorporates a cool look and a cool pose.

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Default Re: line of sight or cool

My comander has a cool pose that I built with line of sight in mind, he's leaping/bouncing off a wall firing his plasma riftle fusion blaster, in the end he's the same height as if he were standing normally.
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Default Re: line of sight or cool

Besides, it's good to keep in mind that unless your 'cool factor' makes it higher, it won't affect LOS. And if he's higher it's a 2 edged sword. You get better line of sight, but so does your opponent. But that's it.

Also half hiding him behind a wall doesn't grant him cover save...it's in the rulebook.

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Default Re: line of sight or cool

IIRC, the tLOS rules also mention that the model is assumed to be standing up on the base for determining LOS, so modelling him in anyway above or below the height theoretically is of no issue. Just make sure you have a "normal" height model to compare heights with? :P

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Originally Posted by Jedibean
Originally Posted by Khathecleric
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Is that penetration only for vehicles?
What else would you like to penetrate?
Sisters of battle for starters.....
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