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Necrons compaired to Tau
View Poll Results: Compaired to Tau, How much do you like Necrons?
Necrons rock! 0 0%
They're ok... 2 18.18%
Don't reeeally like 'em... 2 18.18%
Hate them loads 6 54.55%
Idunnoooo 1 9.09%
Voters: 11. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 30 Jul 2008, 19:19   #1 (permalink)
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Default Necrons compaired to Tau

Vote now for a chance to win..........My happiness/a necron players Happiness (this 1 looks like a Necron, Just fleshier and wider.)
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Default Re: Necrons compaired to Tau

Hate them...

In fourth they were our strongest rival in many ways. Fifth? Ehh, at least their glancing went down some, though the monolith is 'arder...

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Default Re: Necrons compaired to Tau

Honestly I really don't think Necrons are cool at all. I like and would play all the armies of 40k besides demon hunters, demons, and necrons. If there was one army I don't want to play with my Tau, it's necrons. Not that the list is more competitive or better, I just don't enjoy playing against necrons, be it a verern necron player with interesting tactics or some kid his whole army just sprayed silver.
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Default Re: Necrons compaired to Tau

I enjoy playing against necrons as my army list is very my tailored to face them, I belive that if you have dedicated units to take out power armoured foes victory is a snap as few players enjoy my commander and bodyguard killing thier termies, nobs, destroyers, talos, most imprial guard vehicles, greyknights...ect. opon arrival.

WWB may be good, but only if you have another friendly model of the same type within 6'' (consentrated firepower anyone?)
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Default Re: Necrons compaired to Tau

Hate them >

My wife plays them and in 4th edition she wiped out my Tau consistently.

I've won a few times in 5th as she is still learning to apply the new changes.

But even when I win, I still hate them...
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Default Re: Necrons compaired to Tau

Locked, because this looks suspiciously like a "who's army is better" topic…
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